new year, new goals

when it came to goals, last year was a failure. that’s okay, life gets in the way and i learned a lot. i was able to do goals for february, march, april, may, and june. so this year, i’m going to try again.

Mobile Image1.jpg

i planned to pick up my goals again in september but as you can see, i wasn’t able to accomplish any of them! as you know, september ended up becoming a huge turning point in my life, so i was too busy getting my bearings again before taking on more.

Mobile Image2.jpg

so here we go! i’m feeling really optimistic about the year ahead. i think keeping my list short and my goals simple will help me a lot. so for february, i’m hoping i can happily check all these off. hope you are excited to join me on this journey again this year. here’s to the growth ahead ❤

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