all about me

oh hi there. ❤

if you’re new here, welcome. if not, welcome back.

i’m much better at giving a list of words to best describe me, but i’ll try my best at paragraph form.

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i’ve basically always said i’m like tinkerbell, but instead of needing people to believe in me – i need attention. i’m 25 and i love all things beautiful and cute. i’m a huge fan of anime and manga, though i’ve noticed a huge decline in quality in recent years. i like the idea of exploring new things, and basically i do whatever i think is fun. i try to motivate myself each month by setting goals for myself because i’m one of the laziest people you’ll ever meet. i play video games and try a little of everything, but i can’t do first person games due to my terrible motion sickness. i wouldn’t consider myself a foodie or anything, but i love yummy food. if i’m really enjoying what i’m eating, i tend to dance/sway in my seat. i like to practice calligraphy and make words look as pretty as possible. i love musical theatre and enjoy singing. i sang through all of high school and even participated in some singing groups in college. volleyball is a recent obsession of mine, even though i’m short. i’m a enfj personality type.

basically life is what you make it, and i’m just here trying to make it amazing.