february goals

in 2018 i decided i was going to start keeping monthly goals. january fell through, so in february i got serious and started a notebook to keep track of my *hopeful* progress.

for february i gave myself pretty simple goals. i didn’t want to go too overboard and discourage myself the first time i tried this.


since february is finished it’s time to talk about the progress i made (or didn’t make.)

finish a book


back in september i borrowed 1984 by george orwell from my mom.  the book sat at my nightstand glaring at me each night for months after, so when i decided i wanted to finally read and finish a book, this was the obvious choice. the first few chapters were a little slower than i would have liked. it took me a while to get into it. but once the exciting parts of the novel (the romance, clearly) started, i wasn’t able to put the book down. i even read it during my bubble baths. the book is a known classic, and i could easily see why. i will admit that i had expected a hopeful ending, and since that didn’t happen i was a little disappointed. i still enjoyed the book and i would definitely recommend it. it was thought provoking and i feel like it really reflects well on the world’s current political climate. here’s my in-depth book review if you’re interested.


start udemy classes

9cae47a3-c158-40d2-b534-b1e41df5aaf1anyone who knows me knows that i love japanese culture. not just weeabo stuff, but the actual culture. i’ve dreamt of learning japanese for the longest time and i was excited when i found some online courses on udemy here. at the time udemy was having a sale and i was able to get the courses for only $10 each. i thought it might be too good to be true but the reviews were great so i thought why not? i kept the classes in my account’s library for months and just like with my book, i thought “enough is enough.” i finally started the online lessons and printed out the textbooks. i’m very impressed with the class structure. it’s easy and simple. more or less i’m obsessed and i feel like i’ll really finally accomplish my dream of learning japanese. i’ll keep you all posted on how the classes go. if all goes well, i’ll be fluent this year!

post a video to youtube

long ago, i used to stream on twitch pretty regularly. sometimes i’d find a clip that was mediocre in humor and i’d decide it was worth highlighting and putting on my youtube channel. and that’s what my channel was like. for years. i wanted so much to start a real youtube channel but i was always too scared to really try. i don’t know why i lacked the courage. maybe it was fear of criticism? either way, i finally was able to pick myself up and make a video. i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do for first real video, so i decided to just do something simple and fun. a book review. i hope to start learning how to edit videos and make a proper one in the next month. this one is just me ranting and talking, but it’s a start. small steps. eventually i’ll be a real youtuber.

sell slime

da30efeb-21f4-467f-81d6-3cea1f221724one of my favorite past-times is scrolling through different slime accounts on instagram. if i’m alone i enjoy putting the volume on loud and enjoying the feeling i get when i hear the *smack* or *pop* sounds. i decided to try to experiment myself and make my own slime. some of them turned out pretty good, while others were really lack luster. i toyed with the idea of selling these on my etsy site, but for some reason no matter what i couldn’t get myself motivated to take pictures of them let alone post them on my site. they’re sitting in a giant bowl on the floor next to my desk. can’t decide if i should just toss or try to sell them anyways. what to do.

organize desk


my desk has been the endless void of papers. anytime bills came in. anytime paperwork needed to be filed. random notebooks. pens. everything desk related came to my desk to die and add itself to the coral bed. my desk had become a huge source of misery for me and i hated even sitting at it. that’s one of the reasons i stopped gaming and using my desktop pc in general. finally. i took the time and went through everything. threw away old papers, got rid of unnecessary trinkets. wiped down the top with a clorox for goodness sake! and finally i could breathe. once i had it cleaned off i had to pat myself on the back for a job well done. now i can record youtube videos, play some games, and write at my desk. i’m so excited that part of my life is finally cleaned up.

purge closet


i recently did a huge purge of all my items. i am a huge fan of the konmari method. although i have been very good with most parts of my life staying tidy, during some stressful periods, i ended up buying a few things that i came to regret. in time, i also started to feel less joy for some of my clothing, so as you might imagine, another purge session was way overdue. i also have recently been getting some more clothes and pieces that i absolutely love, and as i’ve grown into a new style, some outfits just turned out to not fit my style quite like they used to. i’m sure everyone has bought a shirt they’ve never worn and ended up getting rid of, but this pang of regret i feel for wasted money does sting. hopefully i can be more choosy and avoid this in the future.

march goals


i’m so excited that i completed a month of goals, and i’m ready to take on march with confidence. obviously i’ll update you all in april on how everything went. here’s to a new month and a new set of adventures ❤

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