may goals

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my fourth month of goals has come and gone. may came with a its share of challenges, and some unavoidable circumstances. i felt that overall, i was very productive and i’m pretty proud of how i did! since may is finished it’s time to talk about the progress i made (or didn’t make.)

finish a book

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continuing with my pattern of finishing one book per month, i picked up another classic, the picture of dorian gray. i remember my mother read this book back when i was in high school, and she tried to make me watch the movie with her. i resisted because i had no interest, but now as an adult i wanted to see what the fuss was all about. this book was absolutely stunning. oscar wilde has such a way with words, and although the story was a lot more simplistic than i anticipated, i was truly encapsulated by the writing. there were some parts of the book that ranted a bit, and i did feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer richness of the content, but overall, i never felt bored and i was fully enthralled by mr. gray and his story. i would definitely recommend this book, would love to hear your thoughts, if you’ve read it!

take care of a plant

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i have, perhaps, the opposite of a green thumb. i have this uncanny ability to kill every plant i’ve ever owned, so you might imagine that this goal may have been too tall an order. early on in the month, i was given a sign and my boss gifted me an orchid for administrative professional’s day. i was worried i would kill this beautiful plant, but to my surprise, it has continued blossoming each week with just a small bit of water. i guess it really loves my desk, so i haven’t taken it home. i hope i continue to enjoy its company for a long, long time.

bake a custard pie

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i have been a huge fan of custard pie since i was a kid. i wrote an entire blog post about my history with custard pie after successfully making it! i was surprised that the recipe was so simple, and made it one night on a whim. it turned out a lot better than i had expected. it’s amazing how most desserts consist of just eggs, milk, and sugar. after making something totally new, i’m excited to continue trying out new recipes and further advance my baking portfolio.

edit a video and post it


this has been a never ending struggle, and i have no idea why! i sat down, finally, to edit the video i had planned, and as luck would have it, i ran into issue after issue. my computer wasn’t able import the files properly, and i tried several troubleshooting methods, but nothing was working. i attempted updating my software and applications only to find that my disk space was almost full! i’ve finally been able to go through everything and delete a ton of files, so hopefully once the updates are completed, this will finally work. fingers crossed that my programs finally start working.

felt mouse and dragon

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as i’ve begun needle felting more and more, a friend of mine reached out to me to make some pieces for her newborn baby’s upcoming photo shoot. the baby was due in june, and so that meant i had to get my butt into gear and make those items for her before the little girl popped out. after making gus gus for her, we realized that making mushu would be too much, and she opted for a mulan styled mongolia flower instead. i spent many hours working on them, hoping to get them just right. she was very pleased with them, and i hope they work perfectly for her shoot. i can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out with her new bundle of joy.

go indoor rock climbing

i had scheduled myself to go rock climbing the second week of may. everything was planned out, but of course things didn’t work out as i had expected. halfway through the first week of may, i began experiencing very intense back pain. at first i thought it was just a knot, but it wouldn’t go away no matter how much i massaged it. i went to the doctor, who gave me clear instructions to be careful with exercise, and i realized that there was no way i could go forward with this goal. as you might imagine i was completely devastated. after getting some spine x-rays, and practicing some posture correcting techniques, my back pain is almost completely gone (thank goodness!) i hope that i can go out and experience this, soon. especially since i’m trying to become more active.

june goals

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i decided to drop down to five goals this month to give myself a bit of leeway. i’ve noticed i’ve consecutively failed at least one goal each month, and perhaps that means i’ve been putting too much on my plate. this month, i decided to give one old goal another shot, and start a few more things that can help me become healthier. i’m very optimistic for june, and i hope that this month i’ll reach all new heights!

if you have any suggestions for me, i’d love to hear them.

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