let’s go to the festival

there’s always a bit of charm when it comes to the last week of the month. it feels like something is coming to a close and that you have limited time to experience it. not just that, but there’s also the excitement when the new month starts, also.

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the week started off pretty miserable, i had some terrible food sensitivity that caused me to lose my monday and tuesday. i don’t know what caused it, so i decided to finally start a food diary to keep track of everything i eat. when leta went to thailand last year, she brought back this beautiful notebook for me. i wasn’t sure what to use it for – it was too pretty to just put random notes in – so i decided to make it my food diary.

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speaking of leta, we had dinner together wednesday night and passed by sephora after. i wanted to pick up my eyeliner, and while we were there, we swatched so many different eye shadows and highlighters. it’s amazing how beautiful and vibrant makeup is now. seeing all the bright colors against my skin tone made me want to take a picture.

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on thursday, bae and i went out during a very strong rainstorm. the thunder was so noisy, and the traffic was terrible, but there was an absolutely stunning double rainbow right above the tree line. i was completely in awe, since i’ve never seen a double rainbow before. in a way, i’m thankful there was traffic because i was able to snap a very clear picture during the many stops.

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the reason for our adventure was to get some korean barbecue. there’s a little gem hidden about 35 minutes away from us, so we always go over there for a treat. as usual, the food was delicious. i’m proud to say i didn’t overeat like i always do, so i didn’t leave the restaurant feeling like a balloon.

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on friday, the sun was shining again – one of the few sunny days in the past few weeks – so my coworker and i went on a walk outside to break up the work day. we walked past an area we don’t usually pass by, and i was struck by this enormous bush of beautiful flowers. i was complaining the whole walk because it was so hot out, but then she teased me saying, “see, if we didn’t walk you wouldn’t have seen these flowers.”

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once a year, the carnival comes into town. it stops at a few local spots throughout the month to hold weekend festivals, and this year was no exception. the first stop is always in my hometown, so for me, seeing all the rides get put up and the signs for the dates is the first sign of summer. i’ve only missed one of these in my whole life, so this year i made sure to pass by as i always do.

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one of the true gems to this fesitval is the funnel cake. i’ve had funnel cake at other locations and events before, but this particular stand’s cakes have a special something. the cake is always so crisp, and they powder it just right. they’re truly experts at their craft, and this treat is something i can’t replicate anywhere else.

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after enjoying some sights and getting my fill of funnel cake, i rode with my nieces on the lollipop swing ride. this one is my favorite because it’s just so cute and simple. it has a certain thrill that i love. we weren’t able to ride the ferris wheel because there was impending thunder (the storm just wouldn’t go away for more that a day or two) so this was the next best thing.

and without a hitch, june arrived in the most splendid way. sometimes, there are things we take for granted as we get older, and you need a flash of your youth to remind you to value to little things. this festival, though small and modest, always brings me back to the days when i was young and life was much simpler. happily, it’s a constant in my life that i’ll always love.




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