custard pie

when i was a little girl, my mom used to always buy the custard pie at the giant grocery store nearby. it was one of my favorite desserts, and i remember always being so mad that i  wasn’t allowed to eat the whole pie in one sitting. one day, giant stopped selling this pie, and for a long time we looked for it and never found it. finally, they started selling them again, but they just weren’t the same anymore. since then i’ve always had a craving for this delicious pie, but it was never really fulfilled. recently, my sister-in-law and i were talking about it, and i decided to attempt it for one of my goals for may.

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the recipe was surprisingly simple when i looked it up. some eggs, milk, and a few other common ingredients made me feel more optimistic. i had all of these things at home already, so one night on a whim, i finally decided to give it a go – instead of planning for it ahead of time. the recipe i decided to go off of was simple, but i did skip a few steps because i felt that pre-baking the crust was not necessary. once i finished mixing, i realized why they wanted us to do that.

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the filing was so runny, i became increasingly worried. i rolled out the crust, used a knife to cut a simple design, poured in the filing, and popped it into the oven. i spent the entire time i was waiting imagining that it would be a giant water pie and i would have wasted all those ingredients. i even had it bake ten extra minutes because when i first pulled it out of the oven, it sloshed around like a water bed.

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when i took it out, i was disappointed that it was all jiggly and was certain i had failed. i decided to humor myself and stick a toothpick in it to see if it would come out dry or not and to my surprise, it did! i realized that the filling must be like a gelatin, and so even though it looked like it wasn’t cooked under the top, it was. i was so thrilled!

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i left it to cool, and then cut out a slice. the inside turned out just right! it wasn’t as delicious as i had hoped for, but it was still good. i think it could have been sweeter, so i’ll probably add more sugar next time. i put it in the fridge, and when i tried it again cold, it was much tastier. it’s amazing how temperature can make all the difference.

i’m really glad i made this pie. it’s definitely not my favorite that i’ve made, but if i’m feeling up to it i may try it again and sweeten it up.

do you have a childhood dessert that you miss?


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