summer sunshine

the first full week of june was full of delicious treats, and great company.

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bae was out of town for the first part of the week, so i spent a lot of time at my brother’s house enjoying the company of my sister-in-law, nephews, and obviously my brother. my sister-in-law is amazing in the kitchen, always cooking delicious foods and baking amazing desserts. i was in awe at how great her homemade lava cake was. it’s always fun sitting and chatting with her.

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it rained quite a bit this week, again. the hydrangeas outside our house have finally taken full bloom. while juggling my umbrella and all my stuff, i took a picture to keep this simple memory with me.

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on tuesday, i got together with some of my friends to celebrate my close friend’s birthday. we went to this tiny little restaurant in vienna, and the food was so delicious! it was all very fancy, and i enjoyed everything i ate. this charred pork belly and octopus was especially mouth-watering. i will definitely have to come back here with bae some time.

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after dinner, we all wanted to hang out more so we ended up taking a stroll around old town, and stumbled across a rita’s! i’ve never had rita’s before, and i didn’t even realize there was one in my area. we went in at my request and i tried their custard – which was amazing. i ended up getting a gelati because they had swedish fish flavored italian ice, and i just couldn’t choose between the two. knowing that we have this little treat nearby makes me so happy.

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now that june is here, i consider it summertime. i replaced all the window clings in my office with cute summer themes and put away all the floral clings from spring time. this one was my favorite, it’s so simple and sweet – it really makes me feel warm just looking at it! i love gel charms so much, so whenever the season or holiday changes, switching them out always puts a smile on my face.

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when bae finally got home from his business trip, i took the day off so i could pick him up from the airport. since it was mid-day, we had a little lunch date and went for frozen custard after. there’s a small establishment that i’ve been going to forever, and since it was nearby, there was no way i could pass it up. the weather was so nice that we ate our treats outside.

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even though it’s only been a few weeks, i’m ridiculously obsessed with volleyball already. i was so excited to go back and play this week with my league – we even won our first game! we’re a free agent team, so it took a while to synchronize, but now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit more, we’re doing a lot better. i’ve been practicing at home a lot, and luckily, bae has been kind enough to help me. he’s really quick when it comes to sports so he was able to coach me a little so i could improve my setting and receiving.

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with all the hard training i’ve been doing trying to improve at volleyball and get fit again, i’ve been very sore! i treated myself to a nice lush bubble bath at the end of the week. this particular bath bomb has seaweed in it, which really surprised me at first. the color was such a crisp blue! soaking in the tub was exactly what the doctor ordered – i felt so refreshed afterwards.

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on friday night, i had another mommy-daughter date, and took my mom out to try poke for the first time. after that we went to see the book club, which she had been wanting to see. i chuckled a bit because i overheard a theater employee explaining the movie to a couple saying, “it’s a comedy, too, but it’s really for old people.” i told my mom this and she couldn’t help but laugh, also. the movie was charming, and it was nice spending time with my mom. there was definitely something special about it, and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted, sweet film.

i unfortunately suffered from stomach issues again over the weekend, so i wasn’t able to go out and take pictures as i had planned. there was so much i wanted to do, i even cried a bit in frustration that i had to pass up on my plans because i was feeling sick. luckily this morning i’m feeling much better. hopefully keeping this food diary will really help. either way, i am so thankful that this week was mostly fun, even though my weekend ended up being a bit disappointing. how was your week?

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