may haul

doing haul blog posts are so fun. it’s a really great way to get excited about the new things you’ve bought, and take pictures. i really enjoyed doing my kate spade hauls, and so i decided that i’ll just do a regular one of all the things i’ve gotten for the month. since i just ended my employment this past month, i do have a few more items from kate but there’s also a little bit of everything here, so i hope you enjoy the pictures i took!



kate spade shore thing pave crab earrings

these were another love at first sight item. pinching onto my ears, i couldn’t help but be completely obsessed when they came into the store. with lots of little red gems, and fine detailing, these earring are a great conversation piece. people mention them every time i wear them!

Mobile Image1.jpg

kate spade daisy garden oblong scarf

i really loved the floral pattern kate spade came out with in may. i was a little disappointed because the clothes didn’t look all that great with such a bold pattern, so i settled with an accessory to make any outfit pop. i’m a huge fan of tassles, and since the scarf is so light, it’s fine to wear in the spring on those cooler, windy days.


kate spade spice things up pom sweater

this sweater has a bit of a history for me. i fell in love with this number a year ago, but it was on sale when i started working for kate. i wasn’t able to buy it then, and i never stopped thinking about it since. then in the beginning of may, kate spade has a surprise sale and this beauty showed up for seventy-five percent off! i couldn’t possibly pass up this deal, and ordered it. i was so happy to wear it the next day and got several compliments on it. i also noticed recently that the navy version of this is featured in an upcoming movie called a simple favor. anna kendrick is wearing it, so obviously, i’m feeling a little starstruck.


Mobile Image

dazai osamu nendoroid 657

getting to the geekier side of things, when bae got me that tsukishima nendoroid last month, i realized the charm of the tiny little figures. i came to the decision that i would collect the nendoroids for all my husbandos, and thus the search for dazai begun. since bungou stray dogs came out over a year ago, and figures are always run in limited production, it was really quite a struggle to find him! amiami and goodsmile were already sold out and i was very discouraged. there were plenty of cheap counterfeit figures on ebay available, but there was no way that i would do that. finally, i came across this awesome website that is basically a forum for figure collectors, and it directed me to ninoma, which had him in stock! i did a lot of research on the site before purchasing, and of course he was twice the cost of his original retail because of his limited production, but, he arrived in a little box from japan two weeks later, in excellent condition. my heart was absolutely full! i set him up on my dresser next to tsukishima, and i get to look at them every morning.

Mobile Image.jpg

mikasa volleyball and mizuno kneepads

as i’ve mentioned, i started playing volleyball this month! i was worried at first that it wasn’t going to be as much fun as i imagined and i didn’t want to spend any money on it until i felt sure that it was a hobby that i was going to really pursue. after just two games, i became hooked – and i hope that with practice and training, i can play on competitive leagues in the future. because of this, i decided to get a volleyball so i could practice on my own time. i also noticed i really enjoy diving for the ball, and because of this knee pads were a must. it’s surprising to me how expensive sports equipment is (i’ve never played a sport before) but i know that it will be totally worth it.

Mobile Image1.jpg

i felt lucky that i was able to get a nice variety of things this month. though fashion items will be a lot less, i think even everyday things and collectibles can be exciting. here’s to new purchases and experiences.


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