venus and the moon

another week has passed, and i wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming with me on my weekly adventures. sometimes sharing the small moments in life are therapeutic – not just for the writer, but also the reader. so thanks for coming by and reading.

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this week was mostly highs, and in fact, i can’t even express how blessed i have been lately. my volleyball team won all three of our sets, i got to eat tons of delicious food, and i spent a lot of time with people i love.

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lately i’ve been going to my brother’s house to spend time with my nephews. they have a short badminton net, so i brought my volleyball over and taught my nephews a few things about volleyball. they all seemed to have fun, and we even played some chess (i lost every game.) i’ve never been really good with kids, so i’m glad that i can spend time with them and make great memories.

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on friday, i dragged leta out of the house and made her get pho with me at our favorite spot. what was supposed to be a short dinner turned into us sitting and chatting for three hours. it made me so happy that even after all this time, we can really enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. after that, when we walked back to the car, i noticed the moon was a perfect little sliver. then, as if that wasn’t beautiful enough, venus was peaking out just above, making the moment extra special.

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over the weekend, bae’s family came to visit. i cleaned up the house and dressed a little cuter than normal. i rarely put flowers on the coffee table, but i really liked the way it looked.

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i’ve been craving cold soba for weeks now, so we finally went out to this really good japanese restaurant. his family doesn’t eat japanese too often, so it was a nice treat. soba is such a simple dish, but something about it really makes me wiggle with joy when i’m eating.

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a few months back, i tried this wine with some friends and it was the most delicious wine i’ve ever tasted. i don’t really drink because i don’t like the taste of alcohol in general, so usually i don’t like wines – even regular moscato. but this one is especially sweet, and doesn’t even sting when i drink it. i finally found it last week, so i opened up the bottle to enjoy with them.

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as the week came to a close, bae and i drove home and got this breath-taking view of the sunset. i haven’t seen the sky so orange in a long time and i was just astounded. it felt as if the sun was gently saying goodbye, and ushering in a new week. the week ahead is going to be quite busy, so i’m glad i got to experience this peace, even if only for a moment.

by the way, happy father’s day to all the dads out there. i hope it was special.

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