even though i spent a good amount of last week sick in bed, i was still able to enjoy so much! my only regret is not being able to take more pictures of my fun adventures.

Mobile Image2.jpg

the work week included donuts. and since feburary is just around the corner, dunkin donuts has begun selling their heart themed donuts! i’m a sucker for themed foods, and even more so, hearts. although taste-wise i prefer regular sprinkles, this donut was still delicious.

Mobile Image3.jpg

over the weekend i met up with leta and received my birthday presents from her. i was so surprised by how much she got me! i’m truly spoiled. afterwards we trekked over to fairfax to get ramen and wander around the mall. it was really fun, spending time with her really is the best.

Mobile Image4.jpg

lately i’ve been in a kung fu tea phase. my go-to flavor is mango slush with bubbles and mango jelly. i’ve been going several times a week since it’s just so delicious. i should probably start cutting back (both for my stomach and my wallet,) but i can’t help but want some every time i know there’s a shop nearby.

Mobile Image.jpg

finally, my dear friend tiffany’s birthday was this weekend! since our birthdays are so close, we had a little spa date and headed over to spa world, a local korean spa in the area. it was my first time there, and at a spa in general. it was a really amazing and refreshing experience. we took advantage of all the different hot rooms, pool, food, and even enjoyed some face masks! i really felt rejuvenated after, and we definitely got a lot closer after some really deep conversation.

so the week ended with volleyball and a trip to our usual bar. i headed home, kicking myself a bit for how little sleep i was going to get. but i wouldn’t say i regret a thing because i had a lot of fun, and spent time with very important people. happy monday – here’s to another great week ahead! ❤


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