turning twenty-five

last week was an excellent way to ring in my birthday.

Mobile Image1.jpg

the week started with snow – a lot of it. we ended up having a bit of a snow day at work, so i stayed home, got in my onesie, and snuggled up with my laptop in bed.

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tuesday night i met up with cammy for an early birthday dinner. we picked ramen since it was terribly cold outside. i really enjoyed it, and honestly, as i’m writing this, am craving it again.

mobile image3

when cammy met me, she surprised me with roses and a lovely card! i honestly felt like crying because i’m just so lucky to have a friend who loves me so much. getting to spend time with her before she headed back to school was much needed.

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i recently got new water bottles, contigo is my absolute favorite brand. since i planned to take them to volleyball camp, i decided to decorate them with some of my nekoatsume decals so i’d be able to identify them.

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on friday i took a nice roadtrip with my friends up to new jersey for an adult volleyball camp. we got to use this gorgeous facility, which even included the court that the olympics team uses to practice! the ceilings were so high and there were so many courts.

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after the first night of practice, we headed back to our hotel room, and once the clock struck twelve, it became my birthday. my dear friend tiffany surprised me with this gift – which had the most excellent wrapping paper. i was really not expecting anything so i was overwhelmed with warm fuzzies.

Mobile Image3.jpg

the camp itself kicked my ass. i’ve never worked out more in my life, and my muscles were a type of sore i didn’t know i could feel. but i was so happy. i even made a bunch of friends!

Mobile Image2.jpg

at the end of the camp, i got a free volleyball for early registration, and it matched my outfit. i’m proud to say i learned so much and honestly, i can’t wait for the next one in the summer. i’m really glad that was how i spent my birthday, i love volleyball so much.

Mobile Image4.jpg

when i arrived back home in northern virginia, i had a feast waiting for me! my sister made a delicious spread for my birthday dinner. to say i was hungry from camp is an understatement!

Mobile Image.jpg

after dinner, i received my gifts and a hand-drawn card by my nephews. i felt so happy and blessed. in fact, when i saw the card they drew for me, i teared up.

Mobile Image1.jpg

and so, it came in gently, while i focused on myself and how to enjoy life a little better. a quarter of a century, just a bit wiser, and still a fan of sweets – that’s how i am at twenty-five. happy birthday to me.

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