june goals

alas, two whole months wasted away since the summer was far more challenging to stay motivated than i anticipated. i had my set june goals, and before i knew it, it was september!

Mobile Image1.jpg

well here it is, though not quite as graceful as other months…

begin a proper food diary

Mobile Image4

as i mentioned in this blog post, i’ve been having stomach issues for about a year now. it’s been a really difficult time keeping it in check so finally i started a food diary. at first i did a journal, and although i loved it – i kept losing it or forgetting to take it with me everywhere. it was stressful, and after one week that i couldn’t find it, i moved on to this stellar app, caramy coworker suggested it to me, and i absolutely love it. i’m proud to say that i rarely have really bad days anymore, which is very exciting!

make progress in super mario bros 3

Mobile Image1

now as i may have mentioned quite a few times, i had an old super nintendo that has been in my family for decades. when i got it back from one of my brothers to start this goal, i was extremely disappointed to discover that it was broken and wouldn’t connect to the tv. bae bought me the new mini-systems that nintendo has been selling recently. i was able to start playing again, but since the controls lag a bit, it’s been challenging to play the game. (or perhaps, i’m just slower now that i’m old lol)

learn katakana

in june i was very good about this, i was doing rows regularly, and i was quite proud of myself. but of course, as the month ended, and the motivation got sparse, i was bad about it again. i was able to complete quite a few rows, and now i only have a bit left. i really want to get katakana under my belt already, as this has been a never ending mountain that i can’t seem to overcome. if i can’t finish this, i will never be able to move on to the next thing and advance myself in the japanese language.

go on a run 3 times a week

Mobile Image3

now, due to some health concerns, a closed gym, and constant rain, i wasn’t able to go out and run three times a week as i would have liked. i compromised with myself by signing up for another volleyball league, and am currently playing three nights a week. now obviously, volleyball isn’t the same type of exercise as running, but i have to give myself credit for being active. in the past few weeks, i have been able to go running several times a week (almost every day!) i have a 5k coming up so i’ve gotten even more serious lately.

do another general purge

last year, i was able to get rid of many things using the konmari method. when i started working at kate spade, i ended up buying more things, and of course, i ended up with more clothes than i needed yet again. since leaving kate, i’ve been trying my best to start being prudent to what i need, and of course, another purge was much needed. i was able to sort through my drawers again, and take out quite a few shirts that i no longer wanted to wear. i’m glad to say they’re not overstuffed anymore, and so it was a success. now i just have to do my closet…

september goals

Mobile Image2.jpg

it goes without saying that july and august have already passed, so i need to just move on and get september going already. since i was naughty and skipped two months, i went back to six goals. i missed the first six days of pushups already, so i’m going to have to make them up along the way.

here’s to another month of improvement, wish me luck!

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