slow and steady

happy tuesday, all! it’s a four day work week and i couldn’t be happier about it. last week wasn’t as eventful as others, but i’d say all in all it was a great week.

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the building my office is located in has begun huge renovations to the common area. all the old designs have been gutted and they’re adding a whole bunch of new amenities to the first floor. each day, i’ve been walking by construction and caution tape everywhere. it’s interesting to see so much change, as this is my first time seeing construction like this up close. i can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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this week, we did our last box of hellofresh. i really love the service, but it’s a bit expensive and even though the recipes are very healthy, bae and i decided to pass on it for a while. it’s difficult to plan around those weekly boxes, especially since some weeks we didn’t cook things in time and they went bad. this was the last dish we made, and it ended up looking photo worthy.

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i’ve been pushing myself very hard in volleyball lately. i really want to improve! something i’ve learned that i love about the sport is that all you have to do is practice and you can get better. training is everything. so of course, as a result of my rough practicing, i jammed my finger. it’s my first time having a jammed finger, so the taping is a bit messed up, but i was kind of excited that i have something to show for my hard work. it’s already feeling a lot better this week, but i take tape with me to practice now just in case.

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i’m trying this new thing where i do at least one productive thing each day. so last week i started felting again, and i’m nervous how my new creation will turn out! i really want to get back into felting and producing new things regularly. i’ve gotten immensely lazy these past few months, and i really want to be better about it. i’ll let you know how the finished product turns out!

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during a nice mall date with bae over the weekend, we came across a kiosk with lots of dainty jewelry, called bearfruit. i’ve been looking for a new dainty style ring for a while, and so when we saw these, i got very excited. there were a few styles i liked, but i settled on this one for a couple of reasons. first of all, it’s the constellation for capricorn, my star sign. second, it’s had a very unique look to it. i felt that i could get simple designs anywhere if i looked, but this one was special and if i didn’t get it now, i probably would never see it again. when i decided on it and went to check out, bae surprised me by buying it for me – which made me very happy.

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we closed up the weekend by heading out to this amazing barbecue place thirty minutes away. they have the most amazing brisket and smoked sausage. every once in a while, bae and i will make the trek there to pick up a couple pounds of meat. it was my first time going inside, i usually wait in the car, and the design was so rustic and charming.

i’m glad i had a nice restful weekend – although my sleep schedule is a bit messed up now because of the late nights and sleeping in. fingers crossed that the week ahead is good!



One thought on “slow and steady

  1. Spending time to discover what makes you happy is always helpful. May I suggest you try volunteering for something fulfilling? I do not know offhand what you can participate in. It is better if you do the searching yourself.


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