new(ish) goodies

okay, okay, so these aren’t that new. i was planning on doing a monthly haul again, but i decided i wanted to just add them to my weekly post unless i did a real haul. but i did really love these things i got, and i didn’t want to pass up the chance to talk about them.

Mobile Image (3).jpg

lucky brand bridgette skinny jeans

these jeans are so comfortable. i got them on sale, and since i bought them, i haven’t worn my other jeans (sorry levi’s!) i wasn’t sure how i felt about the cut at the ankle, i’ve always been more for traditional hems, but i was surprised by how much i liked the look. the best thing was discovering the little fortune in the pocket one day which i mentioned in this blog post. i’ve been creeping on the lucky brand website ever since, waiting for another pair of bridgettes to go on sale so i won’t not wear these ones to death.

Mobile Image

kate spade new york desert muse bunny coin purse

in july, kate spade released their dessert muse collection, and with that a coin purse. i’m sure i don’t have to explain to you my excitement for this fuzzy little charmer. each month, i’ve been checking the website regularly to see the newest collection. once i saw this bunny, a trip to the store to view in person was a must. i love the suede detail and the hardware. the faux fur they used was especially soft, and he looks so cute on my bookshelf. august didn’t have a coin purse, so hopefully september will bring something cute.

Mobile Image1.jpg

super nintendo system classic edition

i mentioned a few weeks back that bae bought me the mini nintendo systems that recently came out with all the games on them. i’ve been wanting to play super mario bros 3 for a while, and my old super nintendo just wouldn’t work. i felt so frustrated and i was about to give up when we stumbled upon these at the store, and he got them for me on the spot!

Mobile Image.jpg

the controllers were normal sized, which i guess would be obvious, but i didn’t expect at all. i really thought that they’d be mini, too! the buttons were not as responsive as the old consoles – perhaps because it’s a different system inside the mini versions, but the games were still as fun as i remember.

Mobile Image2.jpg

i couldn’t get over how cute the mini versions were! i mean, look at it! you can see my old console sitting right below it. it’s been in my family since before i was born and you can visibly see its age from the discoloration. it served me well, and brought hours of joy to my family. i was sad to retire it, but the new consoles will be tons of fun.

did you get anything good in the past few months?


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