august days

happy monday, everyone! i feel very excited to take on this week, especially after such a fun, restful weekend.

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last week started off rocky with a terrible headache monday morning. since it was so bad, i spent nearly all day in bed. once it passed, i decided to relax myself by taking a bubble bath that evening and just take it easy. i can always rely on my lush bath bombs to put me in a good mood.

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the next day, i ventured out to this new dessert cafe that opened up near my house. i met my line sister there, and we just laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. i’m just so glad to have a friend like her who’s willing to drive out to see me, even in the pouring rain. my feet and jeans were completely soaked when i took this picture, but the treats and conversation were completely worth it.

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i got to try my hand in the competitive league this week when one of my friends needed an extra girl for her team. i’ve been practicing very hard, so it was nice to see that i have improved a lot since i first started in may. i had so much fun playing with her team, and i really enjoyed getting to experience the challenge of competitive teams. it was definitely different, and the tension was high – but that has a charm in itself, and i loved it.

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remember last week how i mentioned a project i had with my sewing machine? well this was it! my work gets a lot of large t-shirts to hand out at events, and as employees we always get some, too. unfortunately, i’m a bit small for them, so when i came across a tank top diy, i knew i had to take advantage. i’m really proud of how it turned out, especially since i’m only a beginner.

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i also headed out for a lunch date with my big brother, i kept nagging him to get together since it was his birthday earlier this week. i met up with him at his office and there was this beautiful fountain outside. something about it was just so charming, i couldn’t ignore it.

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we walked over to a nearby kabob place that i absolutely love. their meat is alway so tender, and their bread is so good! since my brother works in the area now, i’ve been having lunch with him more often and it’s nice to get to see him so often now. he chuckled at me because i was excited about his birthday, but i always like to remind people that i’m glad they were born and that’s why we celebrate!

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my coworker came back from japan this week and brought me some goodies! i’ve been wanting matcha powder, and so this gift was especially exciting! he also got me one of those long airplane towels, which are surprisingly soft. i was so delighted that he got me a gift! i’m glad he’s back because the office has been especially quiet without him.

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after wanting them for so long, i finally got colored contacts this weekend! when i went to tony moly, i saw they had them for sale. i’ve always wanted to try a different eye color, and i was pleasantly surprised that the grey color turned blue-green for me.  i think it’s fun to try something different every once in a while.

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while i was there, i also got this scrub stick. (don’t ask me if i got it mainly because it was cute) i tried it last night and it works really well! i’m excited to add it to my skin care regimen.  as with most of tony moly’s products, it also smells so good!

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on sunday i met up with my family and we had lunch with ice cream to follow. we spent a lot of time laughing and carrying on, and the ice cream was delicious. we even went to all get our haircuts together – which we haven’t done since i was a little girl, so that was super fun, too.

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finally, i ended my week with a long walk through the trails with bae. it was really humid out and uncomfortable, but it was good to get the exercise in. this was an especially serene walk, we didn’t talk much and the sound of cicadas was buzzing all around us. on the way home, there was a young buck snacking right next to the trail, and it let me get really close for a picture. i was thrilled that i was able to get such a good shot, and i thanked it as i scurried away to catch up to bae.

the week started off a bit rough, but as things passed, it got better. i was still able to find little wonderful things in each day, and i’m glad about that. sometimes a positive attitude and some great people are all you need to keep you going.

good luck to you on the week ahead!

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