noticing the good

life is so full of mysteries, you never really know where each day will lead. sometimes a great day can turn into a terrible day, and other times, the worst days can get better again. last week was full of surprises, and just like with anything, you just have to keep moving along.

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my friend always takes her smoke breaks in the loading dock at work. sometimes i go with her (standing upwind) just to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. there’s nothing quite like natural lighting for making a good selfie turn great.

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our blue mystery snail got stuck one morning – and it was trying its best to get free. it eventually got out, but i’d never seen it come so far out of its shell. it was such a strange sight, i thought i’d capture it.

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early in the week, i met up with my line sisters again for a nice dinner date. afterwards, we went to a nearby grocery store and i picked up a popsicle. i always love the ones made to look like cartoon faces.

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one of my favorite parts of the day now is setting up my watch face in the morning to match my outfit. it’s a simple thing, but it really makes me excited. this particular watch face option is one of my favorites – the scallop goes with the actual watch design itself, and the pop of pink was just so fun.

Mobile Image4.jpg

since my outfit that day was just so well put together, i took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot outside. i just got this button-up recently, and i ended up really enjoying how the whole look went together.

top & belt – loft; bottoms – lucky brand; shoes, watch & necklace – kate spade new york

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as you may have noticed from my earlier watch picture, this week also held chicken’s annual physical! she was not pleased with me when i woke her up at 5pm (her 3am equivalent) to get her in her old cage to take her to the vet. she was so confused being in the small cage again and she was just so spooked.

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i’m so happy to say that the appointment went off without a hitch. she was so well behaved and the vet was able to check her thoroughly – she was deemed very healthy! i really love this veterinarian, they’re very professional and kind. as usual, my baby didn’t bite or nip anyone even though she was anxious to go home. i have such a perfect little angel!


my mom gave me her sewing machine (bragging only one use after being owned for five plus years.) i’ve had a project in mind for a year now, but it required a sewing machine. i got it set up and practiced the different stitches. sewing machines are easy once you get the hang of them, but it’s getting a hang of them that’s difficult. i had a lot of fun and was able to finish my project!

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i went to get my oil changed on friday so i took the day off. after my car service was over, i passed by my favorite bagel place of all time and got my usual. this gem has been open in my hometown for as long as anyone can remember. i don’t get to pass by that often, so when i do it’s a real treat.

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bae and i had a mini-adventure on saturday, and ran a few errands. while we were waiting on some things outside, i noticed a couple of dandelions. i haven’t blown one in a while so i thought, “why not?” of course, trying to get the perfect picture meant that i completely forgot to make a wish. the picture turned out how i wanted, so i guess in i way my wish came true.

Mobile Image3.jpg

finally, on sunday night, we went out to pick up food. as we were walking back to our house we noticed these two little guys slithering around near our front door. they were so tiny and cautious of us. i’m sorry for the terrible quality as it was already dark out and they were moving about so frantically. it was fun seeing cute little baby snakes just making their way around.

i always try to keep my blog as positive as possible, it’s a place where i want to be the best person i can be, and so even though there are days full of hiccups or unhappiness, i want to remember the good things and see what’s great about the world. sometimes i think that people post on social media to pretend they have the best lives, but for me, i’m just trying my best to focus on the brighter side. it doesn’t come naturally for me, and sometimes, that’s to a fault. but each day we try our best and hopefully the outcome is even better than the day before.

wishing you the best of luck this week.

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