show, don’t tell.

something that’s been on my mind for a few weeks now is the idea of showing your love to someone as opposed to simply telling them.

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i have never had trouble expressing myself. i’m very vocal, frank, and with the people i’m close to, demonstrative. one of the things i’ve always had trouble understanding is when people aren’t emotionally expressive. this is actually something i struggle with constantly.

but recently i’ve found it to be much easier to tell because i’m with someone who shows his love through actions and simple questions. sometimes relationships aren’t about all the big things but all the little things put together. i always get caught up in all the superficial trimmings, but lately i find that i’m better at noticing the subtle moments full of substance.

the friends who call to see how you’re doing.

the family member that replies to your post.

the partner who asks what your preference is.

those are all little ways of saying, “i care about you.” i’ve been thinking lately that i’m surrounded by people who love me very much, and although i rarely hear those words, i’m told almost constantly by their actions. overthinking can be a bad thing, but it’s analytical thought of others that show you who they truly are. it’s as they say, a person is a sum of their actions.



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