building an empire

another week has passed, an oh – how wonderful it was! i can’t help but feel like i’ve been living my best life, lately. things have been at an all time high, and i certainly hope things keep going up from here.

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the week started off with my boss bringing in his two sons to work. i really like his kids since they’re funny, and we talked for a bit. we ended up playing the “dots” game, where you try to create boxes from dots – the one with the most boxes wins. did you ever play this as a kid? well i forgot how fun it was, and i really enjoyed playing it again.

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the biggest highlight of my week would definitely have to be that it was my three year anniversary with bae! i was so excited that we reached this milestone, and we celebrated with delicious food at one of my favorite restaurants, flemings. bae has been wanting a tomahawk for a while, and i, lobster – so their menu really accommodated for both of our cravings.

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for dessert, which we barely had room for, we got this special lava cake – baked fresh each time. it tasted absolutely delicious, even thinking about it now makes my mouth water. since we did a three course meal for two, we even got a slice of cheesecake to take home.

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when we got home, we exchanged presents, and i was so amazed by this absolutely gorgeous watch that bae gifted me. i’ve been wanting a smartwatch for a while, and since kate spade recently released one in two-tone gold, i’ve had my eye on it. since leaving kate spade it’s been hard to get items there, so this present from bae was absolutely spectacular. i’ve been shoving it in people’s faces all week because i love it so much.

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as if a sign from above, i stumbled upon this lovely piece the day after. this is exactly how bae has spoken to me, and it immediately made me think of him. sometimes, as a hopeless romantic, i get caught up in all the trimmings of a relationship and forget that at its core, it’s just a simple promise between two people. i’m so glad that i found someone who is not only my boyfriend, but my partner.

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the week also included an order from my etsy shop – which was quite a surprise! this little baneling, a unit from starcraft 2, took me a few days, but i sent him off to belgium on time. it’s always exciting getting international orders – they make me feel like i’m reaching people, though far away. after felting this little guy, i’ve been itching to come up with something new again. hopefully this week i can make something fun!

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the building management that my office is in treated us to an ice cream social towards the end of the week. i went down with my co-worker turned friend, and we enjoyed some ice cream in the shade while i made her watch some youtube videos with me. the cookie dough ice cream really hit the spot!

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friday night after volleyball, i was impossibly sore. i’ve been playing three nights a week now, and i even went for a run on one of my off days. i figured it was time to finally soak in the tub and enjoy one of my lush bath bombs. soaking in the tub is really such a great feeling, and is some nice time to myself. i don’t usually enjoy being by myself, but this is one of the few times i can really enjoy my own company.

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on saturday night chicken was in such a good mood. she let me hold her and give her lots of kisses. sometimes she’s fussy, and wants to be put down, but she was especially social in this picture. i love my little angel so much, and i’m just so happy to have a cute little ball of fluff like her!

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on sunday, i had a girls day and went to a vietnamese festival with my line sisters. there was a fortune telling booth, and  i was so excited! i’ve always wanted to get my palm read, but i was never willing to go out of my way to stop by a shop. i knew this stand was fate, and excitedly sat to hear my future. now i’m not going to jinx myself by telling you what she had to say, but i will say i have a very positive outlook as a result!

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before we went our separate ways, we took a picture together like usual. these two have been in my life for six years now, and i just can’t believe it! we’ve come so far since the day we first met, and these days we’re so busy, but it’s nice that we still make time for each other. it was a perfect way to wrap up my week.

this week may have been jam-packed with exciting experiences, but the week ahead will be even busier! it’s important to count all your blessings, and i can say easily, that for me, there’s too many to count. ❤

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