it’s been a while

it’s been a difficult month, that’s for sure – and july started with its own set of hiccups. but finally i can sit down and let you know what i’ve been up to the past two weeks.

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bae and i went to see movies on both tuesdays, the incredibles 2 and sicario: day of the soldado.  they were both excellent, and i really recommend you see them. i enjoyed the incredibles and i think that disney did an amazing job after the long wait. sicario wasn’t as great as the original, the pacing was a bit slow, but it was a good movie overall. movie tuesdays are quickly becoming a fun weekly date for the two of us.

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one of our ghost shrimp in our tank is full of eggs! i was so surprised and excited. i’ve been watching “mama shrimp” since then but she hasn’t popped, yet. i wonder when we’ll have a bunch of little ones swimming around.

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recently i got new jeans – it’s my first time getting lucky brand and i really love them; they’re so soft! the best surprise was finding this fortune in my pocket. i didn’t know that they did this and i think it adds a really special touch to their brand. the fortune said, “if you stumble, make it part of the dance.”

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of course, being in america means celebrating the fourth of july. i baked some red, white, and blue sugar cookies for the event. it was my first time adding dye to the mix, so they ended up breaking a lot more, but i’m still proud of how they turned out.

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i’ve become very patriotic in the past few years. i really love my country and i appreciate everything that’s been afforded to me as a citizen. i’m beyond thankful for my parents and what they went through to become naturalized so i could be born here.

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of course, the second best part of the holiday is sparklers! they’re so bright, fun, and photograph-able.

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every year we go to my brother’s house and light some fireworks on his long driveway while he blasts stereotypical patriotic music. my favorite will always be stars and stripes forever. the sound of the popping from the fireworks, the loud music coming from the garage, and the joyful exclamations we all make as we’re dazzled is very special to me and makes my independence day truly special.

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in other news, our dear fish in the office, swim shady passed away. we had him for a year and he lived a decent life. i wish i could have done more for him but unfortunately that’s how these things go. so, i got a new fish, a female betta.

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originally i had not planned to get another betta, but i fell absolutely in love with her because of how beautiful her colors were. in different angles, she completely changes color. she’s also very friendly and just as photogenic as swim shady was.

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on friday, we finally finished suggesting and voting on names, and per office tradition, it seems the pun won out. this is swimmerella, and i’m excited to have her keep me company.

i’m excited for this week as i have some fun plans ahead. happy monday!


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