a rainy burial

the first full week of september was full of twists and turns. i can’t say that it was a happy week – there were definitely happy moments – but challenges in life aren’t called that because they are easy.

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monday was a holiday, so i was able to just relax in bed and enjoy the view from my pillow. my money tree has been growing steadily and that makes me very happy. having a long weekend every now and then is so nice, and really gives you the extra relaxation you need.

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i spent labor day with my mom. she’s in need of some dresses so we went off to the mall in search of one. first we stopped by this nice dessert cafe in the mall. the service was great and the ice cream was delicious! my mom got bubble tea and enjoyed it a lot. she even asked that we go back again soon.


after going through all the stores – which she finally found a dress – we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at one of our favorite japanese restaurants. i’ve really been on a cold soba kick lately, and i’m glad that i can enjoy it every now and then. it was fun spending time with her, as usual.

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i was able to kick my butt and go on a run four times this week! i have a 5k coming up, so i’ve been trying my best to get used to running again. this picture i took while running, so that’s why it’s so fuzzy. i’m still pretty proud of how it turned out, though.

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i know it’s not technically fall yet, but i was tired of my summer window clings at work and went ahead and put up the new ones. i really love fall, it’s my favorite season – so pardon my anticipation for fall weather.

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this weekend, i finally went to the eye doctor. i’ve been putting it off for two and half years, but now my glasses are in such bad shape, i couldn’t avoid it any longer. they took a picture of my eyeballs, and they are very healthy! i was surprised for some reason that eyeballs are so veiny. i suppose that’s a given, but i was still fascinated.

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with incredible sadness, my sweet angel chicken passed away. bae found her at midnight on saturday, and when he told me i couldn’t believe my ears. the vet had told me she was so healthy and i thought i had at least a few more months with her. i had noticed that this week she was grumpier than normal, but her weight was fine, and she had no symptoms. she looked like she was sleeping inside her log, and when we got her out of it, i was so heartbroken to feel how cold her body was against my hands. i can only hope she went peacefully from old age. we laid her to rest in a lovely kate spade box that i had, and buried her sunday morning. it was raining – just like when waffle died, and i feel so sad without her.

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later that day, my two incredible line sisters got together with me to cheer me up. i’m very fortunate that the people in my life cared so much for chicken, and knew how much i loved her. eunice took me for a manicure, and then we met up with cammy for an early dinner. the conversation was heavy, as we had other hardships to discuss as well, but the warm food and the loving company made up for it. being with those two makes me so happy, and they really lifted some of the weight i was carrying throughout the week.

there were a lot of things i could complain about this week, but if i focus on the blessings, i can remember how fortunate i am in my life. i have amazing family who showed me how much they support me, phenomenal friends who give me the laughter i need in life, and a partner who is doing everything he can by my side. my heart definitely feels strained looking back on this week, but i’m sure that the pain would be much worse without them.

wishing you nothing but happiness in the week ahead.


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