kofuku the hamster

as i mentioned in one of my weekly blog posts, i was finally able to go out and get a hamster. i’ve been wanting one ever since my dear baby chicken suddenly passed away.

i waited to post about her until i had enough pictures piled up, and now i have enough!

Mobile Image.jpg

i’m pleased to introduce kofuku ❤ i chose this name because she marks a new period in my life. i originally wanted something meaning “new beginnings” but none of them sounded cute, and you know that for me, cuteness is everything!

(adj-na, n) happiness; blessedness; joy; well-being


Mobile Image1.jpg

i was pleasantly surprised the day i went to the pet store to look at hamsters that this little angel climbed into my hand while all her sisters ran to the corners. she was already very social and sweet tempered. her adventurous nature reminded me so much of chicken, that even though i didn’t intend on getting a hamster that day i knew i couldn’t miss out on her.

Mobile Image2Mobile Image3

taming her has been surprisingly easy. she’s already quite used to being held and playing. i was worried she’d be lonely, but she seems to be adjusting quite well. she’s not a biter, eats well, and runs regularly.

Mobile Image2.jpg

even more so, she lets me pet her! chicken would never tolerate pets, so i was so excited when kofuku would sit patiently and let me stroke her fur. she has days when she’s not in the mood at all, but overall, she’s very pleasant, tolerant and curious.

Mobile Image1

she’s pretty easy to pick up, and doesn’t run in a sporadic manner so sometimes i let her wander around my room (with close supervision!) she really knows how to pose for the camera. now i just need to get better lighting in my room so i can take better quality pictures.

Mobile Image3.jpg

she’s already stolen my heart, and i’m so happy to have her. i’m glad i can play with her each night and slowly tame her. as she gets more comfortable, i’m sure she’ll let me take even more pictures of her.

i hope you enjoyed meeting her, until next time.

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