a little more personality

it’s a rainy monday, and so i can’t help but feel a little gloomy this week since last week was so utterly wonderful. the weekend was even moreso, so it’s a bit rough to be at work once again with the weekend so far away.

Mobile Image2.jpg

i organized my script last week, the more i work on this show, the more i fall in love with it. i’ve gotten pretty attached to the music already and i’m having so much fun. navigating the script has been especially fun.

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i bought a new decal last week, and i was so excited when it came in. lately i’ve been feeling stronger about my faith so i made sure to get something to represent that. i love adding a little more personality to my car, so with each little decal i feel even more proud to be driving it.

Mobile Image3.jpg

rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. that’s what my future looks like, and i have no regrets. i need to buy new character shoes, so until i can make it to the store this week, i’ll be using these little ballet slippers. they’re not the most comfortable, and not my preference, but they’ll do until i have my new shoes! the dance numbers are relatively simple, but i’m sure things can and will get more complicated soon.

Mobile Image2

on thursday, i went to have dinner with my family. i was so happy to spend time with my nephews. we all went on a run together (i was the slowest, it was really humbling) and then ate dinner! after that, we all snuggled up on the couch and started watching the new hbo series, chernobyl. it was really good! i can’t want to see them again this week.

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my brother recently got a new ferrari. he’s likely going to sell his old red one, but until then, he has them parked side by side in his garage. they’re so fancy, shiny, and oh-so expensive. it’s crazy that i’m so used to super cars since i’ve been around them most of my life.

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sunday brought milkshakes and pancakes! lately tony and i have really been enjoying going to ihop after sleeping in all morning. their milkshakes are so good, and just enjoying a simple meal together gives a nice feeling to the end of the week.

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obviously, sunday was also mother’s day! i cooked my mom dinner instead of taking her out to eat. i made these lemon garlic scallops and they turned out pretty good. it was my first time making scallops so i did overcook them slightly, but the recipe was delicious.

Mobile Image1.jpg

i’m so glad that my mother is still alive, healthy, and in my life. she and i have had our share of ups and downs but no matter what she’s my momma. spending a nice evening with her was fun and rewarding. it’s important to take time to really appreciate the special people in your life, and mother’s day is a great reminder of that. to all the moms out there – happy mothers day ❤

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