the end of the game

i can’t believe it’s monday again, already. lately weeks have been passing so quickly and in a blink of an eye a month has passed already.

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last week, though quick, was a little simpler than most. i didn’t get that many pictures because i was just enjoying the peace and rest that the week brought. i went to volleyball, as always, and enjoyed seeing that my my friends and i lined up our bags in color order. we all have the same bag from adidas, just in different shades of green.

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our company has been growing very quickly, so we got some headshots done. i’m really happy with how mine turned out, even though i forgot and didn’t dress for the occasion!

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towards the end of the week, tony and i went to see avengers: endgame. i’m not much for superhero movies, and i’ve never been into comics in general. it was interesting watching this movie, though. and honestly, snuggling in the reclining love seats with tony was the best part!

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during one of leah’s walks, we noticed that a bunch of buttercups have bloomed in tony’s neighborhood. they were so vibrant – and of course after doing the butter test, tony and i reconfirmed that we are big fans! the weather was just absolutely gorgeous this weekend, if it wasn’t for my pollen allergies, i would have spent all of my time outside.

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but something really exciting did end up happening this weekend. i finally went to petsmart and picked up a fuzzy little roborovski hamster for myself! i was busy setting up her cage so by the time i remembered to take a picture of her, she was already tucked away in her hut. i can’t wait to introduce you to my new baby later this week! these cuties were some of her sisters, and they posed perfectly for me at the store. 

the upcoming week is quite a bit busy, as well. but it’s about to be may and i’m sure that’ll include a lot of adventures! have a great week!

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