candles with sand

i feel my legs drift down the hall
suddenly i feel better after all
i hear that noise beyond the door
music that always made my heart soar
the soft patterns of your melody
slowly pushing into me
i move the door and see you there
laying, murmuring… without a care 
your eyes are red, circles around are dark
i can feel the sinking in my heart
this is one of your saddest tunes
your voice drops and rises too soon
before i know it there are shouts behind
yelling and asking what’s wrong with your mind
i feel tears out of fear, all the noise is too much,
the others shout, who cares if life’s tough?
i turn to them and hear that bottle shake
nothing’s inside, how many did you take?
you said you were done, that you wanted to die
i hear those around us angrily sigh
they yell you out- you don’t mind at all
i see you stand and run down the hall
i follow with a shout unsure what will happen next
my heart is aching harshly in my chest
i hear the door open and you disappear beyond
how badly i wanted to follow you on
but no, i was held back without choice
i pray i’ll hear– one last time– your voice
but then you’re gone without a trace
how long has it been since i’ve seen your face?
i wish i could have told you i loved you so
and could have begged you not to go. 





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