so much love

happy monday, everyone! after a rare cup of coffee this morning, i’m finally feeling up to this week! last week was a long one, but that’s not a bad thing at all. i can’t believe so many different things happened, so i’m excited to share them all with you.

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the weekend started with snow. lately we’ve been getting a lot of it. i don’t mind so much because it’s really beautiful out. there’s nothing i love more than the sound of the crunch under my boots.

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monday night volleyball included cupcakes! my dear friend tiffany shared with the group, and so i enjoyed watching some of my friends play while i snacked.

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my wednesday night team is named flying penguins. it’s a long story as to how it came about, but i was very excited to discover these shirts online of a penguin flying and spiking a ball. we obviously ordered them immediately, and now we all have team shirts! the only shame is they aren’t meant for working out so they get rather hot during the game, but honestly they’re totally worth it. we have our own cheer where we yell “flap flap!” playing with them really reminds me why i love volleyball so much.

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thursday night was my extremely late birthday party. i’ve never done a paint nite before so it was on my list of things to try this year. earlier this month i looked through the various nights to see if i could find a painting i liked and i sent the link to all my friends.

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a whopping eighteen of my friends came, though some left a bit early and weren’t pictured. i felt so loved as i was spoiled with a sash and balloons on my chair. it was truly such an amazing experience and it made me so happy to be with the people i love most.

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i’m really happy with how my painting turned out – i even had everyone sign the back so i could always remember this really special event. in addition to that, i got quite a few presents, too. my volleyball teammates all pooled together to get me a kate spade pouch and a really high quality volleyball, which they all signed! as i read the ball i teared up quite a bit because i just felt so incredibly loved. a lot of my friends that i haven’t seen since before my birthday gave me presents at the event, also.

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saturday was my nephew’s birthday. i can’t believe he’s fourteen already! his number one wish for his birthday was for all of us to play axis and allies, his favorite board game, so we all sat down and played. i decided to be japan again, and since i’ve gotten used to the game i’d say i contributed quite a bit to our victory! it was a fun game and i was especially relieved that he liked all the gifts i got him for his birthday.

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finally the week wrapped up at andie’s house for a joint birthday and superbowl party! lately i’ve been spending so much time with her and kaitlyn and it makes my heart so happy. luckily, andie enjoyed my presents for her, too. i’m doing pretty well with my gift giving so far this year, so hopefully i can keep it up!

i was reminded last week how much those around me really love me, and it was so nice to feel noticed and appreciated. sometimes i get caught up in the bad feelings in life so it’s nice to have such a great support system surrounding me and pulling me up when i feel like i’m drowning. i have a really good feeling this week, so i hope yours is amazing, too! ❤



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