wedding planning (pt 1)

i’m engaged! well, you knew that. i’m so ecstatic and happy, i’m over the moon!

tony and i have settled on a fall wedding and to give ourselves time to save we’re aiming for 2021. it’s a long time away, and i have over twenty months to plan, but of course i’m diving in head first. i thought it would be fun to document all my planning and take you on this journey.


google docs is your friend! i honestly live and swear by it. the best part is you can share documents with people so it really helps tony and i coordinate even though we’re not physically together all the time. during the first week i printed out a bunch of different timeline checklist guides and consolidated them into one list. i even built up different worksheets so we can have our thoughts super organized.


i’ve obviously been planning my wedding my whole life because as a girl, that’s basically the highlight of my life (call me old fashioned.) i’ve always planned on blue, and grey is a perfect match up. i was able to play with some different color options using this color chooser – though you can’t get exact shades, it helps a lot!

image (8)

i have been focusing on the fun stuff first since i have a lot of time so bridesmaids dresses are a big must. i knew instantly who four of my girls would be and then the other two came naturally only a few weeks later. they’ve already been supremely supportive and i’m so lucky. tiffany suggested i get swatches of fabrics so i could get a real idea of the colors. azazie has so many awesome options and i couldn’t quite figure out which blue i liked better so being able to order swatches was seriously a godsend. i’ve decided that i’m going to alternate between these two colors so that the blues throughout the wedding can be a bit more flexible. since my blue is very specific, i’ll have to be a bit more flexible so i can be cost efficient!

image (9)

speaking of cost efficiency, it’s absolutely criminal how expense wedding flowers are! i understand the reason, since flowers have a shelf-life, all the work has to be compounded into the few days before the wedding which is very stressful, but i definitely don’t have the budget for that. i’ve done some research, and honestly you can’t tell in photos when flowers are fake, so tony and i agreed that it’d be good to just do some fake ones and even maybe have some diy projects instead. etsy actually has a lot of cheaper options that are supremely lovely. (don’t judge my favorited section!)

image (23)

things are slowly coming together, and there’s no rush, so i’m having a lot of fun. we’re going to start touring venues in february and hopefully nail something down before march. i’ve also already figured out what to do for my bridesmaids proposals, though i’ve already casually asked all of them. we’re going shoe shopping for my birthday weekend so i hope i have more exciting things to share with you, soon! Xx

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