actually decent

january has been one of the busiest months yet. it’s crazy to think at one point i was juggling my regular life on top of play or musical rehearsals. i wonder how i’ll be able to do another show with how packed my life is.


despite all that, tony and i have done everything to enjoy time together. we had a long awaited date night which included seafood and ice cream! i’ve been in a kind of funk lately, so tony has done everything he can to keep my spirits up! we were near the matcha cafe i went to on new years day, so i asked if we could go again. tony wanted to try the gold foil – turns out it doesn’t really taste like anything, haha.

image (1)

tony has been watching hayao miyazaki movies with me lately. it’s been really great. we finished spirited away, howl’s moving castle, and we just watched castle in the sky. he’s really enjoying the films, so we’re getting through the entire collection one by one!

image (2)

i’m going to be starting a new adventure soon, and that included getting new shoes. it’s still a surprise though – but i can’t wait to share it with you. i didn’t think i could like mustard yellow shoes, but it turns out they’re really great with my skin tone!

image (3)

the past weekend was my brother’s birthday weekend so that meant we definitely had to take a trip down to richmond to go see him. we started the trip off with hibachi. the food was actually perfectly cooked. one of my favorite foods is hibachi-style scallops so i was wiggling in my seat while eating and enjoying the show.

image (4)

i was really excited to meet his girlfriend and her family, they were all super sweet. we got boba, and had tons of mini-adventures. i did end up napping a lot, but the time i spent awake was super fun.

image (6)

breakfast (lunch) before we left was bittersweet. we played some games while waiting for our food. i really enjoy hangman – though tony is not very good at it. my brother is total pro though, he always figured out the puzzle way before anyone could even guess!

image (5)

after a fun wait, i enjoyed some lemon ricotta pancakes. they were so delicious, and the company was even better. i was really sad that our trip had come to an end, i really miss my brother since he’s moved to richmond.

image (7)

another week started at work, and i started a mood meter to warn people how i’m feeling. it’s going so-so as people don’t tend to notice it. it’s become a pretty good joke with some of my co-workers, though. i hope that things start looking up. construction is well underway and i hope we can finish it up soon.

the weeks ahead are crazy, i don’t think i have a free weekend until mid february! well, life’s an adventure, no sense in wasting time. Xx


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