loving explosions

what happened to january? it’s crazy to think that the new year just started but somehow it’s already time for the month to end! this past weekend i celebrated my birthday with tons of people i love.

image (12)

but first, it was my mom’s birthday. she’s just two days before me so as a treat she and i hit the mall together and we enjoyed cupcakes and each other’s company. these cupcakes were just so adorable that we couldn’t wait to get them! aesthetically i’d rate them ten out of ten. unfortunately taste-wise they were subpar, which is such a shame since they’re so cute. i’m glad i got to give them a try, but i probably won’t be buying from this store again.

image (3)

i’ve been wanting a new pair of uggs for a while. i’ve had my current pair since 2010, a full decade old! they’re quite beat up and not as warm as they used to be. for my birthday my request from tony and my mother was for a new pair, so they split the cost (these boots are very expensive!) this design with the bows in the back was so cute i couldn’t get over it. as i’m writing this, i’m enjoying them on my feet right now!


for my birthday dinner, i went to my brother’s house and my sister-in-law prepared a spread of salmon, seaweed, cucumbers, rice, and furikake! homemade sushi is so delicious and fun; plus much cheaper than a dinner out. i was so happy to spend time with family. since it was my mothers, tony’s, and my birthday within the seven day span, we got to all celebrate together.

image (1)

i got the most wonderful card i could ever ask for! my sister made me a explosion box and it was just so beautiful! i teared up when i opened it. i can’t get over how lucky i am.

image (2)

as if dinner and the card wasn’t enough, she also picked out some really wonderful gifts! between this ring holder, the vows journals, and the wedding countdown blocks, i was just so overwhelmed with love.


but easily, my favorite gift of the night was the matching t-shirts she got tony and me to celebrate our engagement! they fit perfectly, and tony was so excited by them we wore them to volleyball only a few days later. i love them so much!

image (4)

another blood drive came to my office building on the first day back to work (it was a long weekend.) i decided to donate again, despite being painfully afraid of needles and getting so lightheaded last time. it was worth it – good karma is a real thing, people! the only downside is that i become really weak when i donate blood since i’m such a tiny person. i learned, however, that because my blood flows faster than most people my donation only took half the time of the average person – that was pretty cool!

image (5)

i clearly didn’t think things through well enough because by the time volleyball came around the next day, i was still pretty weak. i was struggling quite a bit by my third game that my teammates had to cover me, a lot. on the bright side, i got this lovely new ball from one of my dear friends and teammate, pia, so it kept my spirits up the whole time.

image (6)

and finally a big bragging moment – i renewed my notary public certification as well. i can’t believe it’s been four years since i became a notary. it’s one of the few very sophisticated things to my name so it’s a big point of pride.

this was a bit scattered – sorry! but i just wanted to make sure i checked in with you all. this upcoming weekend is going to be quite a ride, i have an audition, a bowling birthday celebration with friends, and it’s tony’s birthday so i’m going to be quite busy! the week after that will be just as crazy, but i hope to keep you all posted and write something new soon. i’m aiming for another anime review – it’s been a while since i did one of those.

hope you have a fantastic day ! Xx


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