green teens

lately my plants have been a big point of pride for me. if you recall from my last post about them, i’ve been slowly getting more and more from my mother. i was able to repot a few of them that needed extra love and attention.

image (8)

i’ve recently been looking for specific cute pots to add a little more of my personality to my plants. i’ve found a vendor on etsy who drills holes in pots and also makes her own. isn’t this cat so cute?

image (9)

i decided to move my succulent trio to a smaller pot because the elephant pot i originally got them was too big. they fit perfectly in my bedroom windowsill now, so i’m glad i made the change. i’ve realized that they love direct sunlight as they’ve been doing so much better since i moved them there.

image (7)

since i was repotting anyways, i went ahead and did a few more. my aloe plant was definitely cramped in one pot so i moved some of it over and it’s much happier. i also rearranged the layout for my plants so each one can get the appropriate amount of light. i’m so excited that they’re doing well!

image (10)

i also found my pothos plant a really nice spot on my dresser and it absolutely loves it. it’s sprouted two new leaves since i moved it there.

image (11)

having plants all around the house really makes me so happy. i’ll be adopting more from my mother soon so i’ll have to find more room for them. luckily in june i’ll be moving in with tony so we should have plenty of space then.

hope you have  a lovely saturday! Xx

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