a whole new world

happy wednesday! i can’t believe it’s already february; january passed in a blink of an eye. twenty-twenty is shaping up to be one of the most fantastic years yet, i’m just so excited!


somehow, my etsy shop is still making sales. i don’t do too much with it – so it’s really surprising to me that people still buy my little friends from time to time. i’ve noticed any of my items with green in them turn out to be popular. i wonder if i should start putting in more effort in my shop, but then i laugh to myself and ask, “with what time?”

image (1)

tony recently found his old tamagotchi; digimon version. he’s been raving to me non-stop about how if i had one, we could battle. he had a work trip last week and i was really surprised to see he had left his little slug behind. i decided i’d take care of it and surprise him that it was still alive when he returned, but it died the morning of his arrival! i was so upset, but i had proof, at least, that it survived nine whole days.

image (2)

pia treated me to a belated birthday present – a pedicure! we had both been needing one, so it worked out. it was really fun just sitting with her, chatting, and talking about wedding dresses. time spent with pia is always really wonderful.

image (3)

during our adventures, we took a trip to tjmaxx and i found this absolutely darling makeup box. i’ve had a lot of trouble with packing my makeup for shows in the past so when i found this it felt like fate. it’s the perfect size and has little compartments – just right for storing all the makeup i need for the stage. pia called it a tackle-box, which wasn’t far off from the truth. i added a little personality to it and can’t wait to use it for my next show!

image (4)

over the weekend, tony and i went to see reston community player’s current production of the game’s afoot. it was a little slower in the beginning than i would have liked, but the second act had me on the edge of my seat. the stage was next level, also. i’m glad we went to see it.

Blank 6 x 9 in

i started my first princess gig as princess jasmine for my friend’s company. it’s a nice part time job where i get to dress up as a princess and go to birthday parties and help make kids’ dreams of meeting their favorite character come true. it was actually a lot of fun, and i can’t wait to do it again.

image (5)

sunday brought my nephew’s birthday. he turned fifteen – which is insane because that means i’ve been an auntie for fifteen years now! i couldn’t believe how much he’s grown, it seems so fast. my brother made a little montage video of his fifteen years and i totally cried. life moves almost too fast.

and last but not least, i have two pieces of exciting information – i’m starting a new job in two weeks and i got cast in the musical mamma mia! my life is changing rapidly, i wonder if i can keep up. i’m sad to be leaving kajeet, but it’s just time for a new adventure. as for my next stage moment, being cast in mamma mia! with reston community players is like a dream. i’ve admired this theatre group for a long time so to be working with them is really a huge honor.

i hope that the year ahead is filled with even more new adventures. Xx

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