green babies

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okay, this is totally mainstream of me, but i’ve grown obsessed with houseplants. it started with just a simple money tree and then it literally grew.

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my mother is a top notch enabler, letting me know every few months that she has a new plant for me. i’ve taken home so many from her, and they start growing and thriving before i know it.

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i’ve even went as far as re-potting some of them because they seemed a little tight. when i was younger, i was anything but a green thumb, plants would constantly die under my care. but i’m excited to see new little leaves and buds growing each day.

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my sister in law also gave me clippings of her pothos plant, and it’s begun growing at an amazing rate. i’ve been propagating them in hopes that i’ll have them in vases all over the house.

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i even got a few  succulents as a party favor, and i absolutely love them! i can’t wait for them to get bigger.


i have a few more plants that are on my list that i want, but i’m also trying to save. hopefully i can treat myself to a new house plant soon – there are plenty of different kinds that my mother doesn’t have so it’ll be nice to start raising my own.

hopefully i can update you with even more growth in the months to come ❤

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