love’s night is noon

hello lovelies, it’s been another week and i’m finally caught up with my blog like normal. i’m excited to continue sharing all my adventures with you.

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last week my eldest brother celebrated another birthday. we gathered to enjoy delicious food and play some starcraft. i’ve been really enjoying the time i spend with my family this summer even though i tend to overeat each time. i got my brother some t-shirts that are a bit outside his normal style, but hopefully a change of pace could be fun for him!

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as i mentioned, my dearest big passed away two weeks ago. it was a really sudden and tragic death, and she will be so immensely missed. i attended the funeral and was able to lay a flower on her and say my thanks for everything she’s done for me, but most importantly, say goodbye. it was a very emotional day, but the turnout for the funeral was so large that the entire building was packed. miemo was so loved, and i hope she’s in heaven seeing what an impact she made to all the lives she touched.

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i learned that i’m loved, too. a lot of people have been beyond kind and reached out to me to see how i’ve been doing. the grief has been difficult to process, but i’m so lucky to have great people by my side. i met up with my line sisters for dinner that evening and cammy gifted me with some treats, hoping to lift my spirits. if losing miemo taught me anything, it’s that i need to really make time for the people i love.

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my mother has become somewhat of a socialite the past year. she’s made a lot of friends through different groups and is constantly attending parties and galas. as you might imagine, i got my petite stature from my mother, so whenever she buys gowns, she needs them hemmed. i’ve been getting better at sewing thanks to all the work my mom has me putting into her dresses. it’s a good hobby, and with everything that was happening last week, a welcome distraction.

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another well timed distraction was my audition on saturday. i spent the week preparing a monologue from shakespeare’s the twelfth night. sterling playmakers is putting on much ado about nothing in november and i’m hoping to be a part of the production. fingers crossed!

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i got to spend some much needed time with kofuku. i’ve missed her a lot, and so i’m glad she let me play with her a lot this week. she’s just so precious and  has such a good nature. not to mention how stinkin’ cute she is!

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the weekend wrapped up with a lovely date with tony. he and i enjoyed some ramen together outside since the weather was just perfect.

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we finished up dinner with dessert. it’s been a while since i had frozen custard so it was such a welcome treat. i’m planning to be much stricter with myself this week so this last hurrah gives me strength to hit the ground running!

i hope your week ahead is full of good news and magical moments. ❤

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