july 2019 goals

aaaaaand we’re back with another month of goals, some accomplished, some not.


as you know, i accomplished all my june goals, so i treated myself to these adorable adidas runner shoes! they’re so cute, but i’m still breaking them in so a few blisters have occurred. i was also able to get them on super sale (they were almost sold out!) so the price wasn’t too bad. i’m glad i got them before they ran out completely (pun intended.)


july was not as successful as june – i fell short on one goal, but otherwise i’m really proud of the progress i made!

backyard maintenance

the backyard of my townhouse has been utter chaos since we moved in! we kept meaning to clean it up, but we had little incentive. we finally took one saturday and just knocked it out. we weeded, turned soil over, moved old bricks, and sweated like crazy. i was so incredibly exhausted afterwards that i forgot to take a photo! after our hard work, tony, my roommate, her boyfriend, and i went to the pool to relax.

lose three pounds

Mobile Image1.jpg

as i’ve said, a lady never reveals her weight – but i will show you that i’ve made significant progress since i started at the end of may. unfortunately my goal was 3lbs, and i only lost 2.5lbs. i know that maybe i could go easy on myself, but i refuse to make excuses! i’ll keep working on myself, but alas, i didn’t make the cut.

finish felting project

Mobile Image2.jpg

tony’s mother recently picked up and then quit needle-felting. it’s a really aggressive hobby, as you stab a ball of wool repeatedly until it takes shape, so i can see how it could stress anyone out. since she decided it wasn’t for her, she gave me all the supplies she has bought to get started. i was so happy to receive the wool and needles, and i thought i’d do something to thank her. i was secretive about the project because i didn’t want her to find out, but now that i’ve given it to her, ta-da! a replica of leah, for her grandma. i’m really proud of how it turned out, and i think i did a decent job. this really refueled my joy in felting, and i’m glad to be doing this fun hobby again.

car oil change


as you know from a past month, i have a really hard time dragging myself out to get my car serviced. i tend to wait until the last possible minute (or later) because it’s such a drag! well, my oil change was significantly overdue, so tony and i woke up super early one saturday and got ours together. i only have until 37,000 miles to get another free oil change, so i’ll have to run over again before that time comes, but jolie seems to be in good shape.

Mobile Image3.jpg

as you may have noticed, august is more than halfway over so to give myself goals at this point is a bit cruel. especially since reaching my goal weight includes losing 6lbs (which is not healthy to do in two weeks.) the first half of the month was a bust due to all the things life has thrown at me, so i’m going to go ahead and extend this out through september. i’m going to give myself another chance to get the perfume i wanted to get last month and forge ahead!

stay motivated, friends! ❤

One thought on “july 2019 goals

  1. These shoes, omg. Want them so bad! Haha 🙂 goals are always good, I’m feeling lost without them. It could be even “don’t eat a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting” kind of goal for the day xD your goals seem more real though! ^^

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