june 2019 goals

it finally happened – a fully successful month of goals! i’m so excited that i finally met all my goals, and next month i feel even more optimistic. since i met my goal this month, i’m going to treat myself to new running shoes. i’m waiting until my next paycheck (i’ve got to be responsible!) so once those come in, i’ll definitely share them with you all!


finish 1q84

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the book was absolutely fantastic. the story originally came in three books. i got a the compilation, so i was able to read all three in one go. the second book was definitely my favorite – i couldn’t put it down. in the end, it left a lot of unexplained questions, but overall it was intriguing, smart, and mystical. murakami’s work was astounding. after i finish my current book, i’ll likely pick up one his again.

lose five pounds

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at the end of may, i had my regular checkup with my general practitioner. she’s been seeing me for years now, and she’s an excellent doctor! she’s very straight to the point and listens to my input intently. i’ve had trouble with my doctors in the past, so the fact that she’s so consistent and reliable has made me glad i found her. either way, she gave it to me straight that i’d gained quite a bit of weight in the past year, and this jump-started my desire to get my health back in order. i’m proud to say i lost 5.6 pounds by the end of the month. i won’t reveal my weight (i’m a lady) but i will tell you i’m only 10 pounds away from my goal weight!

finish one bracelet

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i ended up making an anklet instead, for my roommate! we were both so excited to have her put it on that i don’t even have a picture of the finished product. hers is the pink, magenta, and blue one you see above. i’m glad i got it done – but now that i’ve made a few, i remember how taxing it is and i’m not really motivated to make any more. i do still have one more left to make, so maybe i’ll be able to convince myself to complete it at some point.

felt hearts

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i came up with the idea to a project when i started felting the first heart. i decided to make a nice little surprise gift for someone and so i started working on that instead. it’s still got a bit more to go, so i decided i’ll wrap it up in july. the heart turned out perfect, though. i’m very excited to share the final product with you!

Mobile Image

july is well underway, and i’ve got a good set of goals. i’ve been eyeing this perfume since february, so i decided if i can accomplish all of these goals, it’s high time i got it! it’s a lovely saks fifth avenue exclusive, and smells divine! wish me luck on this month, i definitely need it!

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