one hundred days

it’s already wednesday and i’m just trying to catch up with last week. life has gotten so busy lately that i barely have time to sit down, edit my photos, and write my blog posts – not even my weekly one! i’m sorry that i’ve neglected you, rehearsals for my musical have really picked up and i don’t have much free time anymore these days.

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despite all the craziness, i’m immensely happy. the days are full – and fulfilling. last month i re-potted my plants, and they seem to be very happy in their new homes. my money tree is growing steadily, i think i’ll have to put in a stick to help support it as it grows.

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each day, i try to take a moment to enjoy my plants. i always need to come home and then rush off to rehearsal immediately, so i try to make sure i take stock on how my plants are doing to break up the chaos. i’ve never been a green thumb, so with how well they’re doing, i’m feeling quite accomplished.

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halfway through the week tony and i celebrated out one hundredth day together! i was very excited to celebrate this. it’s quite common in the philippines, but i’d never heard about it until recently. when i discovered it, i was already deep into my last relationship, so when tony and i started dating i requested we celebrate it.

tony went overboard and completely spoiled me. he claims it wasn’t a big deal, but all the gifts he got me were so thoughtful and sweet. this isn’t even all of it, he gave me a few date coupons, a delicious tiramisu cake, and last but certainly not least – an outdoor volleyball net! i really don’t know how i got so lucky.

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the weekend was spent together, as always. saturday we went out to a lovely dinner (i curse myself for having such a good time i forgot to take even one picture!) the next morning was for bagels and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside. i was so fascinated with these plants that had leaves bigger than my head.

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sunday afternoon i spent with cammy at the grand opening of this amazing vietnamese restaurant in mgm. we took so many pictures and i had such a fun time. i’ll definitely be putting up an entire post just for that one occasion, so keep an eye out for it!

the week is halfway done and tomorrow is a holiday – hope you have a fantastic fourth of july. ❤

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