lilac moments

when the weekends are absolutely wonderful, the daunting workweek ahead seems even more unbearable. monday morning hit especially hard today.

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my company is expanding! we’ve been working on space plans and deciding how to layout our new space. as the office manager, i’m the day to day contact with our construction teams. it’s crazy to think i’m doing this kind of project, but i’m having so much fun!

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i’ve been at rehearsal almost every single night these days. it’s been difficult and tiring! on thursday night, however, some of the girls invited me out for some drinks after we finished with the evening. i was so excited, it’d been a while since i’d been out socially with a group – and with all girl, no less. this little stream was right outside the alehouse we went to. it was dark out, so i had a hard time capturing the beauty!

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rain brings rainbows. it’s been especially stormy this past week, but of course this brought about some amazing sights. i’m glad i was at a red light so i could snap a quick picture.

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saturday brought a mother’s day photoshoot! of course, that sounds odd – but my mother’s wish this year was for a photo shoot, and we weren’t able to get the whole family together until mid-june. it worked out splendidly, my brother found a gorgeous shady spot for us to do the portaits in.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

i rarely wear a full face of makeup, but when it comes to photo shoots, it’s a must! it’s been a while since i last put on foundation and blush, but i’d say i still clean up pretty nicely!

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the outfits we picked for the shoot were white bottoms with a bright colored top. tony and i settled on this lovely lilac color. it was a nightmare trying to find a blouse to match his polo exactly, but it ended up being completely worth it.

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since the photos were done at the lake, there were geese everywhere! when we first arrived, there were only four, but it seems our family made enough commotion for dozens of them to come check out what was going on. the weather was absolutely perfect, and nature was so compliant to make our photos really magical. i can’t wait to share the final products with you!

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on sunday, tony and i wanted a nice calm day so we lazed around all day and then went to the pool. it was blazing hot outside, but because of the breeze, staying in the cold water too long was difficult! after a little bit of swim time, we ended up just laying out in the sun.

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he indulged my endless need for selfies (i’m so lucky!) it was so nice, relaxing, and definitely a day we needed.

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after the pool, we headed back to his house. i spotted this ridiculously tiny flower in the grass. i’d never seen one so small in the grass like this before. it completely charmed me, and as you can tell by how large the grass blades are, it really was so little! i wonder what this lovely friend is called.

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and finally, after volleyball and a quick shower, i wrapped up my sunday with kofuku. she’s getting used to being handled. i’m trying to be good about playing with her each night so she can become comfortable with me. she’s still completely frightened of tony, so hopefully she’ll warm up soon!

i hope the week ahead for you is both wonderful, and quick! ❤


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