string lights

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last week dragged on forever and then the weekend flew by – but that’s how it always is, isn’t it? these pretty wildflowers have been growing on the side of the road where i wait to take a left turn each day. it fascinates me that life can always find a way, even between asphalt and concrete.

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i pulled out my fitbit at the beginning of june so i could track my activity. the app has changed so much since i last used it a few years ago. you can track just about everything now, and honestly it has really helped me in my efforts to get healthier. i had a really good day on monday, though as the week went on, i started being worse. this week it’ll be better, i hope!

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on the walk back from the gym with tony, we spotted more little frogs! these two were especially tiny, i couldn’t believe how little they were. i really enjoyed watching them hop about in the dark of the night.

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on friday, we had a family cookout at my mom’s house. there was so much food, i definitely overate! despite that i couldn’t help but have a slice of mom’s homemade cassava cake with a scoop of ice cream on top, so delicious!

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on saturday morning, we woke up early to run some errands before meeting our friend for lunch. since we were up so early, we went to chick-fil-a to enjoy their breakfast menu. everything was so delicious, and i really missed greek yogurt.

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saturday night brought a housewarming party at my friend’s house. she lives out in west virginia, so we had an hour drive there. she decorated her home beautifully, especially the backyard with pretty lights strung between the trees.

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firefly season is finally here! i tried desperately to get a boomerang of it lighting up, but wasn’t quite so lucky. tony snapped this quick picture of me holding one, which made me feel really loved since i didn’t even ask him!

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once it got dark enough, we enjoyed the sparklers and of course i needed to get a picture. lately i’ve been thinking life is magical, each day is filled with such charming wonderful moments. is it possible for things to be going so perfectly lately?

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the weekend closed with a pool party for my cousin’s kids. i didn’t get to stay too long because we had volleyball that evening, but i was able to snap a quick picture with these three dorks! i’ve been hanging with them a lot lately, and the time spent is immensely precious.

it’s weird how all the small things can add up to be irreplaceable moments.

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