the past four weeks

between my staycation, being overwhelmed at work, performing every weekend, catching a terrible cold, and losing a dear friend, i haven’t had much time to blog about my daily life. i was able to post a few things here and there, but i still have quite a few things on my list that i need to write about.


it’s the full swing of summer and it’s been unbearably hot. tony and i took a staycation to just have some time away from work and to enjoy time together.


he took me out to one of his favorite thai restaurants. it had the cutest decorations! other than that we tried to be good and mostly eat at home, which was good.

Mobile Image1.jpg

we also hit the pool quite a bit – due to the heat, the pool water was nice and warm, which is how i like it. most people prefer it cold, but i don’t! i was able to enjoy my other swimsuit that i got recently, and enjoy the fruits of my dieting labor!

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we even attended a star wars night with his friends. a library hosted it, including laser tag, cosplaying, light saber duels, vendors of all things nerdy, and an escape room. we went later in the evening so we missed out on some of the festivities. i really had fun, even though i’m not the biggest star wars fan.


we even hit the casino, which of course i was too busy gambling to remember to take a picture! they did have a food court that included ramen, which i gobbled down. in the end we has a net gain of $96! i even won a jackpot spin, which was so exciting. my one dollar turned to fourty-five. we’re not high rollers, but it’s fun to bet a little bit of money every once in a while.

Mobile Image3.jpg

the end of the staycation began the runs of my show, how to succeed in business without really trying. i wrote an entire post about how it went – but in case you missed it – it was fabulous! the school we performed in had this very interesting art, i really loved this one, it was the perfect amount of spooky.


tony got me flowers for the opening night, even though he couldn’t make the show itself. it was such a nice surprise! it was exhausting but fun, and i’m glad i took a break from work before the show opened because tech week was its own kind of monster.


i was able to hit the farmer’s market with leta and there were a lot of plant vendors the day we went. one, to my surprise, was selling a jasmine plant. these plants are very popular among filipinos so i’ve grown up calling it by it’s filipino name “sampagita.” it started blooming a few days after i took it home and that made me immensely happy.


of course, all good things come to an end, and once my staycation was over, i was so sad to be returning to work. i’d been staying up late and sleeping in a lot during my break. so much so that i learned how to make the perfect cup of coffee for myself. we’ve always had coffee at the office but i never drank it because i’m very picky about how it should taste. my coffee is one part coffee, two parts sugar, and five parts creamer. i know that probably sounds sickeningly sweet, but i can’t drink it any other way!


i also got to spend time with one of my best friends, ashley. she drove down from maryland just to see my show – and she even did it on her birthday! i treated her to food afterwards as an enormous “thank you for being born.” she’s been by my side for six years now, and i hope it stays that way.

Mobile Image_3.jpg

to my surprise, i got an etsy order on my site. someone wanted a turtle, so i quickly got to work on that. it was fun felting again and i’ve grown to really enjoy this hobby again. it’s a really great stress reliever.

Mobile Image_2

i caught an extremely terrible cold the last week of our performances. tony took great care of me and would come home from work with all kinds of soups, medicine, and tea. i’d spend all day sleeping at his house – it was just easier that way – and so leah kept me company. we’re currently training her to stay on a very specific part of the bed and although she’s not loving it, she’s learning really quickly!

Mobile Image_1

the second to last show, tony’s parents came down from pennsylvania to visit. i was so happy that they came down just to see us. that day we visited tony’s favorite local winery, quattro goomba’s. i didn’t drink any wine, but i did enjoy their pizza, the perfect weather, and the company.

Mobile Image.jpg

my sunday league finally ended with my team taking home the trophy! it wasn’t the most challenging season, all the other teams were very new to volleyball so we didn’t lose a single set. although it wasn’t exactly the volleyball we wanted, it was fun to spend time together.


my mom has had a lot of events lately so i’ve been seeing a lot of her. i’m her personal shopping consultant, so anytime she needs to get a new outfit for an event, i’m the one accompanying her. i’m glad i have her, and lately i’ve been so thankful for her company.

the week ahead is immensely busy – i have plans with friends and family almost every night, not to mention the funeral for my dear friend is this week, too. i’m hoping things will finally return to normal soon and i can get myself back on track soon. hope your week ahead is lovely. ❤



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