when i like your favor

the past few weeks have been absolutely crazy! i haven’t even had a spare moment to catch my breath, and now that i’m able to, i wanted to catch you up on everything.

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as i mentioned, i auditioned for sterling playmaker’s production of much ado about nothing. well, i’m so excited to say that i was cast as the second female lead, hero. rehearsals have been a whirlwind, but as this is my first lead role, i’m too busy being ecstatic to be tired.

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amidst the chaos, i’m still trying desperately to make time for family. my youngest nephew turned six this month and of course we got together to celebrate. these dinners with family have become so incredibly precious, and i really can’t miss them.

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as if the play wasn’t enough, i got a second part time job at lilly pulitzer. i’m no stranger to thirteen hour days, i’m sure you remember i worked at kate spade for almost a year. the extra money is wonderful, and the colorful clothes are a bonus. it’s a different environment from kate spade, but i love it all the same.

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making time for friends is immensely difficult these days, but tony and i were able to attend a grease sing-along with some of his pals. i’d never seen the movie adaptation, only the stage version, so it was really interesting experiencing it for the first time. the theater even provided candy cigarettes, combs, and bubbles for more participation. i had a lot of fun, but i’m still trying to digest this movie. not sure how i feel about it!

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labor day weekend tony and i took a trip down to richmond to visit my brother. the timing was perfect because not only was it a three day weekend, it was also my twin nieces’ birthday. for the celebration, we got together and went indoor go-carting! it was so fun, i haven’t done it since i was really young so now as a licensed driver it was definitely more rewarding. the girls had a fun time, and it was awesome being with everyone for the weekend.

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upon returning home, i placed the souvenirs my brother got me with my felted dinosaur on the windowsill. it makes me happy that he thought about me while on his vacations. other than these noteworthy moments, life has been a blur between work, rehearsal, and volleyball. i’m hoping i’ll be able to enjoy some more adventures that i can share with you soon.

the week’s almost up and september is in full swing. i hope everything is going really well for you and can’t wait to catch up again soon ❤

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