self made moonlight

hello all, the past week was actually exciting enough to write about! i had a lot going on – rehearsals and work has really picked up.

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of course always being on the go has had it’s own downsides – i experienced my first flat tire on friday. it was immensely stressful and i almost started crying. now i know a flat is no big deal, but it happened while i was on the highway without any shoulder lanes about a mile until the next exit. as if god was holding the wheel together for me, i was able to make it to the exit and pulled off right as the wheel reached the rim. tony came to my rescue immediately and helped me change my tire so i could get myself to the shop. it was really scary, but it was a really valuable experience. i got all new tires so i shouldn’t have to worry about this sort of thing again any time soon.

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saturday brought the race to beat cancer 5k that my company annually sponsors. i can’t believe i’m on my third year of running this. i was able to beat my time from last year by one minute, finishing at fourty minutes! waking up so early on a saturday was difficult, but it was pretty exciting to reach my daily step goal of 10,000 before 9 am. i’m looking forward to running it again next year.

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on sunday night the sterling playmakers had a paint nite fundraiser at a local winery! i’ve only done a paint nite once before,  but the venue wasn’t nearly as gorgeous as this one. they even had the most amazing selection of wine and assorted snacks. i’m a huge fan of brie so that was the most excellent treat while painting. i think it could be fun to go to casanel’s again sometime. since the fundraiser was for a theatre group, the assigned painting was stage curtains around thespian masks.

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i’ll be honest, i wasn’t really enamored with the painting itself so leta and i decided to venture off and do our own thing. i was happy leta was able to accompany me on such short notice. she and i haven’t had an activity like this in such a long time so getting to do this with her was so fun!

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once we finished our respective paintings we thought we’d take a picture with the intended painting. i felt a little guilty going off-book, but we really enjoyed ourselves!

Mobile Image (11)

here’s a close up of my finished product. i just went online and searched some pretty paintings and copied it – so this is nowhere near an original work, but considering i did it free hand, i’m really happy with it!

i’m hoping this week will be just as fun as the last! tony is recovering from a recent volleyball injury so we haven’t been out and about as much – but that’ll just make it that much more fun when we do. wednesday will be six months and i’m so excited for us to continue growing together!

sending you love and good energy to get you through the week. ❤


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