jellicle songs for jellicle cats

hello lovelies! it’s been as hectic as ever, as you know, so posting hasn’t been as easy to do as before. i do have an exciting adventure to share with you – my date with tony to celebrate six months of being together!

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as any good date, we began with food! we went to a italian restaurant called maggiano’s. we enjoyed a relaxing atmosphere, delicious food, and were surprised by my favorite lemon cookies as a gift for the occasion. it was really romantic, and just sitting with him in the dim lighting was something i’ll never forget.

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afterwards, we headed out to the kennedy center in d.c. i’d never been to the kennedy center, so i was absolutely entranced by the grandiose decorations and flags.

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the main hall for the opera house was huge. the red carpet, bright lighting, and the murmur of the nicely dressed people made me feel like i was living my best, and most fancy life. i couldn’t wait for the show to start.

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for our six month celebration, tony bought us tickets to see cats. i’ve never seen the second longest running show on broadway before, so you can just imagine how excited i was. the musical changed the industry in an unexpected way when it opened and was now doing a national tour – making a stop right next to home.

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it wouldn’t have been a trip to see the musical without a selfie once we got to our seats.

Mobile Image (7)

the show was utterly amazing! it’d been a while since i’ve seen a professional show (i’ve only been watching community theatre for years now) so i was in awe of the next-level talent on the stage. the musical itself is very dance heavy but the singing definitely didn’t take a back seat. the actress who played grizabella made me cry from her intense and stunning performance of memory. i was truly moved by the show, and i’m so glad i finally got to experience it.

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tony may have even liked the musical even more than me – asking several times if we could listen to jellicle songs for jellicle cats throughout the weekend. i’m so happy he shares my interest in theatre, especially musical theatre. it was really fun to get all dressed up and go on a special date. i can’t wait to enjoy something like this again with him, soon.

so what about you, are you a jellicle cat?


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