hey! i’m not dead

hey all, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? i just wanted to take a moment and say hello! life has been so incredibly busy that i can’t even find time to write.

Mobile Image (13).jpg

my company is currently planning a huge expansion project and construction starts this week. i’ve been heavily involved in it so my workload at my day job has almost doubled in some ways. as the construction goes on, i’m sure i’ll stay very busy.

Mobile Image (15)

as if that wasn’t enough, i’m working part time at lilly pulitzer, and although it is such fun, it takes up all of my weekends. on the few days i do have off, i end up sleeping the day away or catch up on household chores – i barely have time to do fun things.

Mobile Image (17)

weeknights have been full of drama – theatrical drama – that is. much ado is now entering the month before we open and i’m at rehearsals every night until ten pm. somehow i’m still managing to play volleyball one night a week also.

Mobile Image (12).jpg

i keep telling myself i just have to get through this next month and life will slow down. i’m promising myself to take a break from shows for a little bit so i can have some breathing room. i try so hard to fit in a little time to myself here or there, but it’s been difficult without missing out on some sleep.

Mobile Image (14)

somehow i was able to cram in a bunch of other things amidst the chaos, which i hope to write about soon.

Mobile Image (16)

i’ve been very lucky to have tony supporting me through all this. time spent with him has really kept me balanced despite everything. but i wanted to take a moment and say – hey! i’m not dead. 

i miss writing to you all very much, and can’t wait to share more adventures with you again once i catch up with my own life. Xx

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