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hello all, november has arrived and i’m starting to wonder where the year went. i feel like as i continue to grow and experience new things, life goes by faster than i could have even imagined. as i’ve mentioned over and over again my life is so busy that the months slip by right under my feet without me even noticing.

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the past months have included brand new adventures and a lot of struggles. i’ve been painfully exhausted lately, but in spite of that i have been surrounded by so much love and felt so blessed. i got to watch leah for a week and that helped me get closer to her. i love dogs, but i am truly a cat person, so the time spent with her was essential. i was also able to train her a bit during that week. she now knows “sit” !

Mobile Image copy (2)work has been immensely busy lately. the new construction project for expanding our space takes up most of my days. they started tearing down walls two weeks ago and i’ve been enjoying working with the contracting super to sort out all the little details. however, despite this new project i’m still in charge of my normal duties so the days pass more quickly than i can keep up with. our company has also had quite a few successes so i’ve had to plan more happy hours than normal! it’s nice, though – the time spent just socializing is nice breathing room during all the craziness. i can’t wait until the new space is finished – i’m crammed in the corner desk near the back door until then!


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i may be immensely busy but tony hasn’t neglected his boyfriend duties and still takes me out whenever i have a free day. we tried a cake shop recently that was beyond phenomenal. it just opened in our local bougie mall, it’s called lady m. he also took me out for hibachi and is doing everything he can to be flexible to my schedule. i really am a lucky girl!

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as if tony wasn’t wonderful enough, his mother sent me a handmade rag quilt! it’s so soft and made of my favorite colors. i’m not exaggerating when i say that opening this package made me burst into tears. i’ve never received something like this before so it really made my heart so full!

Mobile Image copy (3)i was able to fit in a puzzle during all the chaos. this sounds like insanity but i started it at nine at night and finished by two in the morning. puzzles really help me feel better because of the sheer joy of organizing. this one was really quite pretty, and i’m happy that i was able to do it despite being so busy! i never look at the box cover again once i open a puzzle so i’m always really proud when i finally finish.

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my company hit its 16 year anniversary in october. it’s crazy to think that i’ve been here for three of those years, but i’m very proud of my company and look forward to the years to come. the cake turned out so cute and it tasted so delicious! i don’t even want to admit to you how many slices i had.

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while exploring etsy, the mecca for all vinyl decals, i finally found a perfect kate spade decal. although the brand has changed a lot, this motto still reigns true to the brand that i originally loved. i was really excited to put it on my car, so when it arrived i had to take a picture for you all!


last and certainly not least, kofuku is still as adorable as ever! playtime has become even easier as she’s very used to me now. i’m happy that i’m able to still enjoy playing with her despite how busy i am. i was able to have full on playtime with her this past weekend and got some stellar pictures. i’ll have to show them to you later this week!

also, i’m excited to share with you guys how my halloween went – it is my favorite holiday after all!

i’m so glad i was able to take some time for my blog today. thanks for reading ! Xx

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