a belated halloween

i can’t believe it’s almost been two weeks now since halloween! i’m so sad that this year i was too busy and exhausted to go all out for my favorite holiday. i was still able to enjoy some of the spooky atmosphere, but in the end i didn’t even get to carve any pumpkins.

image (3).jpg

i was able to send out some cute halloween cards to tony and leta, and i went out of my way to write their names in “bloody font.” i had a lot of fun making them and then mailing them out.

Mobile Image copy (6)

we even got a costume for leah – she was not amused at first but eventually got used to it. we weren’t able to take her out for trick-or-treating, but maybe next year? she’s our special little spider.


the bast part of this year, though, was couples costumes! if the pirate costume looks familiar, that’s because it was re-purposed from one of my costumes from how to succeed. since i decided to be a pirate this year we had to think up something for tony so he could match with me. i originally wanted to make him a whole treasure chest get-up, but that wasn’t readily available and so i would have to diy it. i didn’t realize how crazy my life would get in october with my second job and the play and so the week before halloween we realized we’d have to come up with something else. we settled on a parrot hat to keep it simple, which he ended really liking.

this halloween was definitely not like any i’ve had before but it was so fun in a totally different way. i hope next year i can do even more – i’ve just got to make sure not to overbook myself again!

anyways, it’s really late but happy halloween, everyone! i hope yours was fantastic. xx.

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