fuzzy feelings

a few weekends ago i was finally able to spend time with my favorite little nugget, kofuku. she’s been really lonely since i’ve had so many late nights at rehearsals and early mornings. one saturday i was able to wake up a bit earlier before my shift at lilly and take some time to clean her cage.

2019-11-04T16_21_20.733Z copy.jpg

she was spooked at first, but she’s already so used to getting held so it didn’t take long for her to get comfortable again. since i was cleaning she hung out on my bed with tony. she especially loved the quilt that tony’s mom made – she scurried all over it and explored the new space, i think she really enjoyed it.

image (2)

sometimes i like to imagine she has a teeny little voice, and that she says curious things. i just love her so much!

image (3)

we were ordering food on the computer and so she went to check it out. i’m always enamored with pictures of hamsters on keyboards and now i have one of my very own!

image (1)

eventually though, she settled back near home – she loves her hut so much, especially since it has a double entrance.


finally she crept in as if to say “i’m done now mom, can i go back to my room now?”

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