dessert therapy

somehow, i’ve managed to feel like a person again in the past week or so. i had a terrible stomach bug which only made my exhaustion that much more difficult to deal with. but i finally got my self together in time to go to dress rehearsal week for much ado about nothing.


i actually ended up having to call my manager at lilly and tell her i needed to tap out, and that i was so incredibly drained. she was immensely understanding and so i was able to get myself together and finally calm down during my time off. i was really starting to unravel. tony, who is normally my rock, was travelling for work, so i had to figure out how to cope all on my own!

image (1)

the show opened without a hitch, but of course three shows in a row took a lot out of me. tony treated me to many desserts to get my mood up, and honestly i’m so glad i had him to cheer me up.

image (4)

the first weekend of the show was great – i can’t wait to tell you all about it when the show closes this upcoming weekend with an all encompassing blog post. i’ve received so much love already and so much more is coming – i’m so blessed!

image (2)

thank goodness i was able to experience my first weeknight off in months last night. i just laid around, watched anime, and slept early – it was truly invigorating! now it’s back to reality until thanksgiving – i’m off to my first shift at lilly tonight in quite a while.

image (6)

tony and i were even able to fit in a movie – no, we didn’t see cats (yet.) we saw last christmas which i’ve been anticipating for months now. it was so good, i really recommend it! bring tissues, though, it’s a real heart-wringer.

image (5)

i’m on the tail end of my busy period and i’m excited to curl up in a ball and hibernate this winter! i do still have some great adventures planned out for you, and i can’t wait to spread my wings and take you with me. Xx

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