final ksny haul

it was my last month working retail at kate spade, so i knew i wouldn’t get to buy the products the way i used to. as my last hoorah, here are the items i bought in april – though some are for the may collection.

white lace shift dress

Mobile Image

originally, i really loved this dress in coral, but when i tried on the white, i knew it would be a love to last. i have so many pink dresses and not one single white dress, and so sure enough, this was the one. being a shift dress, it received mixed reviews at first since normally i go with dresses that tend to fit and show shape. the dress has very detailed lace, fits loosely, and was a perfect piece to welcome in spring. my only issue with the dress is that it tends to hang towards to back, so if i wasn’t careful, the neckline would pull up a bit tightly and give me slight discomfort around my neck. it wasn’t that big of a deal, i was able to just tug it forward to fix this – but i wish there was a way to keep it from happening altogether.

black tilly sandals

Mobile Image.jpg

a good wedge will always take you a long way. that’s how i feel about these black beauties. as with most kate shoes, these sandals are extremely comfortable, and made out of soft materials that don’t cut into your toes. i love the simple tie design, and that the straw at the base is very thick and smooth, making it difficult to scuff or damage. these particular shoes were true to size (sometimes sizing at kate can be tricky) so i was able to try on my normal and they fit perfectly. being black, they’ll go with everything. i am really looking forward to enjoying these this summer.

shore thing crab coin purse

Mobile Image_2.png

as if to laugh at me, kate spade went back to the dumpling shape in april after making me suffer in march from withdrawal. however, i can’t even complain because the pincers and the little legs are so cute! the eyes are little beads, and the red color of the leather is so vibrant, it really made this little guy pop. of course since i’ve been collecting, there’s no way i could have passed him up, and even though he’s the dumpling shape i dislike, i took him home happily and found him a good home next to a jar of sand and shells i brought home from the philippines.

eyelet wrap skirt

Mobile Image.jpg

this eyelet wrap design that kate made this month caught my attention immediately. i was torn for a long time between the dress and this skirt. in the end i decided that i could do more with the skirt and that i should try to get more items that weren’t dresses. the skirt sizes ran a bit small, so i had to go up a size for this skirt. being short, i love the high-waist, mini-skirt look. i always have trouble with kate spade skirts because they tend to be a bit long for me, hitting me at a very awkward part of my calf. happily, this skirt gave me exactly what i wanted and the embroidered eyelet adds a very classy and sophisticated touch to a more casual piece.


beach bag iphone case


as i’ve always stressed, i believe heavily in love at first sight. this was definitely the case. when i saw this sweet blue with tiny decorative trinkets, i knew this phone case was a must have. i was eyeing it for a while, but i just couldn’t let go of my folio that i loved so much. once i had finally upgraded to the iphone x, there was no going back, i knew that i needed to take this case and experience a change. this one is made from resin, so its still slightly flexible while being a hard case. kate always comes up with cute and versatile phone case designs, so i definitely recommend shopping through them!



carter street kylie

Mobile Image2.jpg

nothing says spring quite like a beautiful, soft, light purple. this lilac, fondly named morning dawn by kate is absolutely stunning on this perfectly sized crossbody.  now i will say, this wasn’t love at first sight – but as i looked at it over and over again, i began to love it more and more. i’m not a fan of large pebbles on my leather bags, but in the end i was won over by the soft feminine detailing, the gold hardware on the luggage tag, and the delicately dainty size. as a small girl, large bags are very overwhelming – so this handbag is exactly what i needed.


california dreaming pave shark earrings

Mobile Image

month after month of novelty from kate becomes a new way to test your resilience. i have to somehow resist buying every little thing that i think is cute because it’s just impractical or i’ll never wear it. of course i lost to the temptation this month and completely fell for these earrings. i think my favorite part about this little guy is that he looks like he’s biting onto my ear, hanging on as best he can. these will definitely make a fun statement piece anytime i wear them.

california dreaming 3d van coin purse

Mobile Image1

if you saw my coin purse collection blog post, you’ll know that it started with a car. i couldn’t help but start tearing up when i realized, that it ended with a car as well. of course i will continue collecting coin purses but it felt fitting that the last coin purse i bought as an employee was a car as well. this van was, as you might have expected, a perfect coin purse in every way. very fine detailing, prints, and little embellishments gave it the kind of character that makes you think, wow, they really went all out! i don’t think i have to tell you that this was love at first sight.

my time doing hauls for kate spade, though not long, was so fun. and i will definitely stop by the store each month to see the new collection and enjoy the exciting things kate spade has to offer. cheers to a new chapter in life!

*i am not sponsored or paid by kate spade new york to do these posts. i am just a fan of the brand. my opinions do not reflect the company’s position in any way.*

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