the start of forever

there’s a house that i’ve loved each year at christmas time. they’ve always put up an enormous amount of decorations and it’s been a joy of mine to go by each year and see them. it’s been a few years since i’ve gone due to whatever reasons i had at the time, so i don’t know what they’ve been up to recently.

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in order left to right; old house, new house, the santa in his green chair (sorry for the quality, these are all from videos!)

last night, tony took me to see his favorite house for christmas, and i was completely shocked – it was the same people, they just moved to a different house! i’m sure you’re wondering how i could possibly know that, but several decorations were the exact same, they had a little food donation bin, and i would recognize that animatronic santa anywhere! i was so elated. i pulled up a video of their old house from a few years back to show him it was the same people, and he completely agreed. and while i was preparing to do a video again this year of my favorite house in its new spot, tony surprised me.

image (23)

it was just an ordinary day, doing ordinary things; christmas shopping, dinner with family, naps, and looking at christmas decorations on the way home. it was just ordinary, and then it became extraordinary. and now i get to say i’m going to marry my best friend.


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