projects projects projects

it’s slowed down quite a bit in my life lately and because of that i’ve fallen into a bit of a funk. feeling flat when life slows down is completely natural – or so my therapist says. she suggested that i give myself things to do – because since i thrive better as a busy person, i need to have projects between big events (like my play.) so i took this in full storm and started doing things to keep busy! needless to say, it worked immensely well.

image (17).jpg

the weekend after virginia’s miss job’s daughter pageant has always been maryland’s. this year, the states of maryland and delaware combined to make one huge jurisdiction called delmar. i was asked to be a judge for the pageant – which was a huge honor as it was the crowning of the very first miss of delmar. the pageant went really well, and i was happy to get to be a part of it. of course i was so exhausted from judging i forgot to take pictures!

image (19).jpg

the next project on my list was to put up our christmas tree so i could get pictures taken for our christmas cards. i was so excited to pull out my kate spade ornaments again this year and decorate the tree. it took a while to complete because we ended up needing a lot of extension cords!

image (18).jpg

to take a break from the madness, i got dinner with one of my sweet girlfriends who i hadn’t seen since before the play. it was so wonderful catching up with her.

image (20)

after the tree was completed, i got us all dressed up in matching outfits for our christmas card pictures. leah looks so cute in these lilly pulitzer dog pajamas!

image (22)

i’m really proud of the finished product! it turned out really nice.

image (21)

i’ve been in a salmon mood lately – and these special sakedon bowls at donburi have been my big addiction. i need to cut myself off because honestly they’re expensive, but they’re oh-so delicious!

image (14).jpg

after sorting through tons of pictures (big thanks to my friend pia for taking them for us) we settled on this one! i was so happy tony agreed to wear lilly pulitzer so we could all match for the picture. next year it’ll be a different theme, but since they had dog pajamas, i couldn’t miss the opportunity!

image (24)

although i’ve been giving myself a ton of new projects lately, i did have to close a certain chapter in my life. i had my last day at lilly pulitzer this past weekend. between the weekends lost, events missed, and money i spent on their cute clothes, i knew it was probably best for me to bow out from the part time job. i did have an excellent experience there and met some awesome people. coincidentally on my last day georgetown cupcakes sent a box to our store because we have such a good relationship with them. it was definitely bittersweet.

image (27)

after my last day at lilly, you can imagine i was exhausted and slightly emotional. i came home to a lit fireplace and a cozy setup! tony surprised me by starting it up since i’d mentioned how much i wanted to use the fireplace in my house. the warmth, the smells, and the dazzling fire was so wonderful and romantic. i couldn’t get over how lucky i am to have him.

image (26)

leah got tired of watching us watch the fire, so eventually she fell asleep on the couch. i couldn’t not take a picture. after i took it, i realized it looks like those newborn photos people always take! she’s just such a cutie. i’ve grown to love her so much in such a short amount of time.

image (28)

finally, the weekend closed out with a wonderful surprise from tony. looks like i’ll have even more projects from here on – but i think i’ll *try* and take it easy the next month and just enjoy being engaged. honestly, knowing me, we’ll see how long that lasts. Xx

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