august 2019 goals

grossly underestimated how much being a lead would affect my life. i was so crazy busy that i wasn’t home for longer than an hour at a time (except to sleep.) not to mention working at lilly, i was simply just trying to get by that any goals i had fell by the wayside.

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reaching my goal weight at the time wasn’t too difficult, i was only a few pounds away, but because i didn’t eat any proper dinners once rehearsals started and i dropped to only one night a week of exercise, you can imagine that i’m right back where i started in march (which is absolutely horrifying!) i’m trying to get back on track again. i weighed myself this morning, so hopefully i can start working hard again!

volleyball became pretty low on my list of priorities. whatever spare time i had, i wanted to be lazy so tony and i didn’t once go outside to try out the volleyball net. before we knew it, fall was here, and now it’s so cold outside that it’s a pipe dream right now. this spring i’m hoping we can enjoy some outdoor volleyball!

as for starcraft, i had hoped that i could squeeze in a game each night to just get some practice. my family is a big starcraft family – my brothers are friends with a lot of pro gamers, so i’ve been feeling like i wanted to improve. tony picked it up, too, and of course i wanted to play with him. but as always, my motivation disappeared for starcraft – maybe real time strategy games are just not for me?

i didn’t get the perfume, because i didn’t complete a single goal. maybe the rewards system just isn’t working like i thought!


i’m a little anxious about these december goals now – we’re more than halfway through december and i haven’t even started a book! i’m hoping that once we slow down for the holidays next week i’ll be able to tackle these! also, it’s surprisingly difficult to find the kind of pot i need for my succulents at home, strange how that happens, huh?

image (1)

i also wanted to give myself some major year goals – things that are definitely long term. i felt it was appropriate because i reached the end of this particular notebook. leta gave me a set of them a few years back as a gift and they were perfect for this. so it looks like twenty-twenty will start off in a whole new journal, how fitting.

sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself in line and follow through on plans, but i’m trying my best, and sometimes that’s all you can do. Xx

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